United States of America · 4 Days · 34 Moments · July 2014

Yosemite National Park with the journi Team

23 July 2014

Preparing to leave Yosemite :( It was an awesome time with awesome hikes and awesome bonfires! :)

22 July 2014

Our last evening in Yosemite! Making Hot Dogs :)
Girls build the best fire ever! And we danced around the fire :D
We jumped into the Merced river at our camp! I found gold inside the river but Stefan and Carina didn't believe me :D
Back again! What a hike!
We took the John Muir trail to walk down again so it was like a roundtrip!
View from Top of Nevada Falls - it's amazing!
Team lunch break at the top of Nevada Falls!
Walking up to Nevada Falls
Swimming with Stefan and Andi in the Emerald Pool above the waterfall! It was so cold but sooooo cool :D
View from the Top
We were totally wet afterwards!
Arrived at Vernal Falls!
Starting with Mist Trail
Planning todays hike! We decided to see the Vernal and Nevada Fall today! :)

21 July 2014

Yesterday our camp had no electricity - so I couldn't recharge my phone! Today we hiked the North Dome! Pictures coming soon!!
Grilling Time! :)

20 July 2014

Golden Hour!
Evening walk to the Yosemite Village and beautiful view to the Half Dome!
Arrived at Mirror Lake. It was quite dry but like the first picture shows the name is justified!
Our first walk towards Mirror Lake!
Finally we arrived at Homekeeping camp! We had to lock all the food inside the bear boxes! :)
El Capitan - biggest Granit rock in the world
Crossed the official border into the park
All the water! We stopped to buy some groceries for breakfast and grilling at the park...

19 July 2014

Already got our car from Alamo Car Rentals! We booked through STA Travel where we got a better price!