Turkey · 20 Days · 5 Moments · July 2015

Yoko's voyage in Turkey

15 August 2015

Today we had another great massage at the spa. We decided not to stay there afterwards, though, and just went back to our room. I tried Archery today but I'm way too weak to even hold a bow properly.

14 August 2015

Today there's "International Cuisine" for dinner. I wonder what kind of food we'll get and if there'll be Austrian food as well. I mean, there'll definitely be german food because there are a lot of german tourists here but Austrian is different.

13 August 2015

Or not. At least we went swimming today, but we missed the spa and even dinner, so now we have to wait for the midnight snack to get some food into us before going back to bed. I'm still so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.

12 August 2015

We didn't do much today except sleep and eat. We're both still way too exhausted from our trip here. But tomorrow we'll get really started!

27 July 2015

There are still two weeks until our flight, but I'm already excited! This will be my first trip with my boyfriend, right after our one year anniversary.