Norway · 5 Days · 6 Moments · July 2014

Yoko's odyssey through Norway

8 July 2014

It's storming outside so we might just film another scene today. Kinda missed going to the movies until it was too late D:

7 July 2014

We started filming our first scene today and messed up a lot. Can't wait for those bloopers! But we finally managed to do that ONE SCENE right, only for Benjamin to chicken out so now we gotta rethink shit. Great,

6 July 2014

writing a screenplay for a short film is harder than I expected
playing Left 4 Dead all day :3

4 July 2014

Staying with Victoria and probably going to hang out with Dan today. Let's see what we're gonna do for the first day!
Victoria's dog sleeping on my bed ^^