Malaysia · 2 Days · 9 Moments · April 2017

Yen's adventure in Malaysia

9 April 2017

Followed i weekly's recommendation and visit a cafe at Pudu called VCR. it was very crowded during lunch time and service wasn't good. Tried the avocado toast. Then went for a massage at Leisure Mall and had a shopping spree at Sasa. After that we had crab (chilli and marmite) dinner at a coffee shop near Sai Fong's house, which was very fresh. Finally went to Sai Fong's minimalist home and had a few drinks.
Dinner is at a rooftop hotpotplace called 椰子。we ordered the cheapest soup base that cost rm58. The other items are not bad. I won't mind going back next time.

8 April 2017

Finally went to the Nadeje that Sin Mun kept raving about. Tried tiramisu and doible chocolate crepe. Quite nice. I would be a regualr if I stay in KL.
The trip to Sasaran was supposed to be the highlight but end up wuite a letdown. Mainly because we didn't get to see the real "mirror" effect. Also, according to the itinerary we were supposed to drop by an island for ouster but was also cancelled without explanation.

7 April 2017

Had dinner at a restaurant nearby before going for the firefly tour. Don't like it that the restaurants normally don't list down the prices in their menu. Driver told me that they tend not to provide the freshest items to foreigners, which cpuld be true as the drunken prawn I ordered wasn't amazingly fresh. The sky was quiet bright with the moon when we went for the firefly tour, but still managed to see the fireflies twinkling at the trees. The egrets perching on the trees was a pleasant surprise.
A lot of black monkeys.
It's said that this was where the Japanese soldiers beheaded people.
Next stop is the run down Bukit Melawati, which consists of some historical sites such as the canon, lighthouse, grave, well, etc.
Joined Sin Mun for her trip back to KL and took this opportunity to visit Sai Fong and other places such as Kuala Selangor and FRIM. First stop is Kuala Selangor, a small fishing village. I didn't know it's so inconvenient to get around Kuala Selangor. After much hassle, managed to get my airbnb host to book a car for 2 hours at rm60. Went to visit the new Sri Shakti Temple, which is small but has fine art carvings. It's a pity that photography wasn't allowed.