Europe, Asia · 17 Days · 79 Moments · October 2016

Yearly trip to Formosa

14 November 2016

The transfer flight in Dubai to fly back home

13 November 2016

Then in the evening got the wedding rings that Ginny's friend made and afterwards went to have Japanese ramen. This ramen was special because they used a chili pepper that is not spicy, but it makes your tung numb! After this we went home and prepared to go to airport and say goodbye to Taiwan
The last day had very good weather. Too good actually, 31C! It was too boring to sit at home so we rented the city bike and cycled to Danshui. It was really too warm and we needed a few stops to cool down and drink. Eventually we have arrived just in time to see the sunset. There was a huge crowd! While I was making picture I was interviewed by a Taiwan guide facebook broadcaster called Yes Man. It was funny and totally unexpected as I was taking pictures when he approached me!
Today is the last day. The flight is at 23:45 so we still have a full day in Taipei

12 November 2016

Memory card is full and cannot make more pictures... The wedding of Ginny's wedding was nice but simple. The ceremony started at 11:30 and had a lunch buffet till 2pm. After 2:30 we were already leaving. We visited the cemetery of Ginny's grandmother to report what has happened recently After that we went to the IT mall again to better look around. From there we rented a city bike and went to a nearby shopping mall to have dinner and watch Dr. Strange!

11 November 2016

After the theatre Ginny and I went to the night market to have dinner (wasn't good) and played the drum game again!
In the evening we went to the IT mall, but because we had limited time before the theater started I couldn't really walk around. The theatrical performance was very good. One person played 8 roles in a Shakespeare adopted play.
First in the morning went to the Hungarian chamber of commerce to certify documents for our marriage, but a key document was missing... So we took a taxi to go to foreign affairs. From there we went to a very hidden tea ceremony place which is built and owned by an architect. The food there deserves a Michelin star

10 November 2016

Checked into the hotel in Taipei and I have invited Ginny's parents for dinner. The restaurant was picked by Ginny and it was a Japanese restaurant where a Japanese professor used to leave and his house converted into a restaurant
Also in Tainan I was able to play on the Japanese drum arcade game! Ah it was as fun as I was imagined! Now in the way back to Taipei on a high speed train
The oldest department store of Tainan and back then also the tallest building.
Visiting the Confucius temple.
Had a very nice coffee and brunch food near the temple of Confucius
Visited a nearby park near the scooter rental place
Today we checked out and skipped the mediocre hotel breakfast. And now in the way to return the scooter to the rental place

9 November 2016

And we got the news that jerk Trump won the election -_-
Had dinner at a very nice vegetarian restaurant! So many dishes for only 530$ which about 12€!
Went on a 90 minutes boat trip where the local river flows into the ocean. It is a protected wildlife, but still constructions where happening nearby and the residential buildings were built very close by.... It also supposed to be a sanctuary for migrating birds, but we saw very few....
We needed to put more fuel to the scooter and we stopped by at the harbor where the fishing boats are anchored
Lunch at a Tainan based hamburger chain. It has a very similar taste to KFC, but better chicken and less oil!
Second stop was the visit of the Dutch built fortress called Zeelandia. In the past it is also called Oranje Fort. To Dutch tradition the fort is built by bricks and the bricks were shipped from Indonesia!
Ate breakfast at the hotel and thanks to our friend Sasha, we could rent a scooter near the train station. I have let Ginny drive as her scooter driving skill is better than mine. So I was the navigator. The first stop of the day was an old trading center for salt, but now the warehouses are taken over by trees
Finally we met up with my friend and had good conversation and good drinks together! I have ordered B52 cocktail, which I did now know that is a shot which is lit up and you have to drink it with a metal straw till it is on fire!!

8 November 2016

Had Japanese BBQ dinner with very good sake! And I have learned that in Taiwan you don't call waitress Fuwuyuan like in China, but Xiaojie...
Arrived to Tainan and walked around its small street and checked out a few temples
Today checked out from the Grand Hotel. Before leaving checked out the Grand Hotel museum. Wasn't very interesting, just history and some old accessories that famous guests used in the hotel... For lunch had cold noodle with egg miso soup, but forgot to take the picture of it :( Then went to the train station on the way to Tainan!

7 November 2016

After having dinner at Ginny's parents and giving the wedding gift to her cousin, we are finally back to the hotel to rest. Another long day.
After meeting with Ginny at the hotel, we went to her hairdresser for a haircut. The result is a football player's haircut
After waiting for the shuttle bus of the hotel quite a while, I have arrived to the hotel I always wanted to stay: The Grand Hotel!
Arriving to Taipei
Leaving Shanghai

6 November 2016

Ended the Shanghai tour by walking a total of 75km from Wednesday to Sunday
Had lunch with Imran. We talked quite a lot and discussed about old class mates. He is also preparing to leave Shanghai...
Final look of Pudong's trio
For a proper goodbye I had dinner at Jinmao with a nice view from Hyatt's restaurant
After rest in the hotel went to Pudong's riverside to actually see the city view of Puxia
Before lunch with Imtan, went to the Bund to see the skyline also day time

5 November 2016

To close the day, by recommendation of Yanan, I went back to the French concession to have dinner at Sichuan Citizen. The food was good, not too spicy and the Basel drop cocktail was special!
From Yuyuan garden I walked all the way to the river side to see how the buildings would light up to their evening colors
Then I went YuYuan garden area. I made the picture of the same building as 10 years ago. Here not much has changed except the amount of people is much more!
After going back to the hotel to drop my jacket, it was 25C! I went YuYuan garden area. I made the picture of the same building as 10 years ago. Here not much has changed except the amount of people is much more!
From the Shanghai museum I have walked to Xintiandi. It is the Kö Allee of Shanghai. Nice old style buildings, a lot of western restaurant and a lot of foreigners as well.
Today started with Shanghai museum. The porcelain section was the most interesting one. Good that I went there early because it was crowded at the end

4 November 2016

Went to InterNations. Great view in the 66th floor and met some Germans
On the advice of Jie I went to the M50 art museum. It wasn't actually a museum, but a collection of art studios by different artists
Then checked out Jade temple. That wasn't that interesting a d I could not find the Jade Buddha that was described in the lonely planet -_-
Then checked out Jing'an temple. It is very impressive building and right in the middle of big skyscraper buildings!
Went to a brunch food tour near huaihuai road at the French concession. At tooo much and rooo many food. I was really stretching my limit of my food intake!
Then had dinner with my good old friends that I did not see for 11 years and 8 months!

3 November 2016

Then the day was ended by visiting a very good jazz bar near the Bund
Then went to Pudong to to check out the tall buildings for the first time
Went to Hong Kou district to visit my old university and my old apartment. Unfortunately the BBQ place has been demolished and many shops have been changed in the back street

2 November 2016

And finally arrived to my most memorable river side view from 11 years ago
Then had some wanton soup for dinner!
On the way to the Bund I've found the bookstore were we went with my class mates to buy books
Arrived to the hotel, found it by intuition the right subway exit and in no time i was in my luxurious hotel room with a nice view from the 22nd floor
Arrived to Pudong airport! Everything went smoothly. Got the Maglev ticket and we were zooming at 300km/h! Then got the Shanghai transport card and I was good to go to the hotel!
Traveling from Taipei to Shanghai! Going to be in Shanghai again after 11 years!

1 November 2016

Finally some foot massage at the end
Today got up very late, 10:30. By the time we left the hotel was almost 12:00 We went to the city district administration building to get Ginny's birth certificate.
We had Japanese katsudong for dinner back in Taipei
We found a very nice tea place which really gave the mood like the anime Spirited Away. We also head garlic flavored ground peanuts!
Went to village Zhufeng, which gave inspiration for the anime Spirited Away. It had many small food stores and many Japanese tourists
After the bank we went to see a waterfall. Unfortunately the waterfall and the surrounding water is polluted because of the old copper mining
Went for lunch, before we went to the bank to change money.
After the university visit went to the IT Mall and bought a NEX Leica lens converter! Now just need a Leica lens..
After the second visit we went to a trendy coffee place. Coffee BS. The food is too expensive what they offer, but the coffee was really good.

31 October 2016

After lunch went to Ginny's university and gave me a tour
Today is the administration day. Went took the bike to go to the Songshan city district hall first, because Ginny wanted to activate her health insurance. At the city hall however told her that she no longer belong to this district. Went to the other district's city hall by bus. There Ginny could renew her health insurance, but could not get her birth certificate, because it is at the previous city district.

30 October 2016

Went to the ring maker to discuss the wedding ring design. Finished the dinner and the day at a Japanese BBQ place
After lunch on a street buffet, we went to an organized walking tour to see where the merchants in the early days (1855) trading in Taipei
Went in the morning to select and buy Ginny's wedding dress. Successfully chose one and bought it for only 1500TWD! Although we could not agree on the qipao selection...
The old Taipei walking tour sights

29 October 2016

Taipei 101 Also met with a friend and talk about labour conditions. Surprisingly in China the workers have much more rights than in Taiwan! Also had a nice Ramen!
The Czech stewardess was asking the passenger if he wants breakfast or drinks. The guy said no. The stewardess then said: you can also take alcohol
Arrived to Taipei! But so sleepy...
Waiting for the connecting flight in Dubai

28 October 2016

The plane is ready
Getting ready to board the plane to Dubai