Netherlands, Spain, France · 9 Days · 23 Moments · June 2017

Yaya's tour through Spain

12 June 2017


11 June 2017


10 June 2017

bye Sevilla.
4th day in Sevilla. visit the cathedral.

9 June 2017

It is a surprise.
visit the palace.
3rd day in Sevilla. our trip in Sevilla just starts now. Flamenco is everywhere.

8 June 2017

2ed day in Sevilla. a tough 24 hours. But I like it a lot. We can still start with a good breadfast, end with a nice dinner and city view.

7 June 2017

1st day in Sevilla. saw many many trees on the train to Sevilla, organge trees or olive trees???

6 June 2017

last night in Madrid. Love this charming evening, makes me remind someone.
just walking walking walking and laughing laughing laughing to digest the food.
a very special restaurant we found by surprise. there is a lady got drunk with only a bit sangria, she said she loves the fruit instead of the wine. 😂😂😂
3rd day in Madrid. Laura's place. Really love this old fashion house. I think I will write an article about Laura's family later. Love them so much. They are the treasure of this trip.

5 June 2017

before sunset, we are lost in Madrid
the best in Madrid is the people I meet.
more than 4000 old trees in the park
explore the city
2ed day in Madrid. City Walk. To meet the city.
Live in Laura's place. It is a more than 100 years house from her aunt grandmother. I like this old house so much. I am so happy to meet Laura and her father. They even picked me up from the airport. Very warm and nice people.

4 June 2017

Lovely evening, the first day in Madrid. I had a special drink, dazz love.
Real Madrid wins the campaign
get ready for the trip to Madrid