Netherlands, Ireland · 6 Days · 20 Moments · June 2017

Yaya's adventure in Ireland(work+travel)

1 July 2017

typical Irish style

30 June 2017

the way to Dublin.
travel a bit in Cork city
Irish brunch
The way to Dublin.
English market in Cork.

29 June 2017

fancy dinner. first whiskey. met a funny Japanese guy.
Conference gala in Ireland contryside.
four days lecture finished. Met many scientific professors I saw from news, papers before. get motivated. I hope one day I could stand on the stage to give a fantastic talk like them. Next year's goal is to give a presentation of my project in ME conference.

28 June 2017

from sunset to night. a lovely evening with Irish traditional music, dance and storylines.

26 June 2017

a caple in UCC. university college cork 六月底的爱尔兰依然冷峻安静,伴着星星点点的细雨,一点没有夏天的热情躁动。 然而随处可见的绿意盎然,将这个城市衬托的犹如一个傲娇的公主正在散发优雅又迷人的微笑。 大学的Aula Maxima 不富丽不堂皇,地板还发出吱吱呀呀的响声,一架老钢琴,被老书填满的墙面,发出柔软黄光的英式老灯,将大学将近200年历史不露声色的告诉世人。 踏进小教堂,真的有那么好几个瞬间,感觉世界唯我一人,安静平和,甚至可以听见耳膜轻轻触动的声音。 Love is ...... 有一点点对love 有了新的感悟。
nature in UCC
history in UCC.
be ready for the conference.
smoked salmon baker
Living in the campus guest room. Outside is a tree, what is the name? ?? only know it attracts butterfly.
get ready