Japan · 5 Days · 6 Moments · November 2016

Yannick's adventure in Japan

24 November 2016

Amazing time at the last tournament of Sumo wrestling in Japan for 2016. ALWAYS wanted to do this! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ™πŸ™

22 November 2016

Today has been a memorable day. Reassuring friends and loved ones that I was safe away from any earthquake danger. The same cannot be said for a large majority of over 140k people to their loved ones, one day in August of 1945.....this exhibit and experience is an incredible one to visit. I always get so involved in things like this. Spending 7 hours today consumed by all of the exhibits. Particularly the 18 stories of survivors in the memorial hall..... I could only get through 3 as they were so harrowing and thoroughly emotional with the description of loss in family....I write this in the shared objective that this city has around remembrance and never allowing this to happen again. In this new era especially we all need to bear in mind the incalculable impact of war on nations and their people. You
Osaka - get there from the airport on an overnight from SG via Manila. Turns out there's a lesson learned.... do more research on hostels. The one I attended was massively Asian. No communal areas and people kept to themselves. Went out on my own found a sick place for dinner that 4 days in is still the best and went to bar Cinquecento where all drinks are 500 Yen. Met a Japanese amazing guy that knew all the bar staff and 6am finish post bar crawl and pub.

21 November 2016

Checked into my second ever hostel day. Met two lads from London and invited them to the Ramen festivals. Had a couple of bowls. Went to some random bar. Came second twice at darts but won this really obscure bowling/pool game and even got my photo taken for the high score #leaveyourmarkyeahhhhh!!! Hiroshima tomorrow and some Sumo wrestling on the way!!

20 November 2016

Nara was beautiful. And amazing to see Kathryn after we hadn't seen each other for 11 years. Met her lovely feels. Proper nice kid! Dranknwaaaaaaaay too much 🍢🍢and 🍻🍻 almost didn't make it back to Osaka

19 November 2016

Badly Hing over the next day. Aquarium and n.1 Trip advisor should was just about what I could manage. Okonomayiki Chitase was all about I could manage. Incredible place and one of best Okonomayiki resto's in Japan! Well worth the 30 minute wait in some nothing whole near my hotel. But the atmosphere and chef were πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ. What a gent!!