North America · 5 Days · 21 Moments · January 2019

Bahamas Cruise on Royal Caribbean

11 January 2019

PAMM was like a bigger version of NAGB. It also features a collection of contemporary arts from Latino and Caribbean artist, but with more diverse forms and bigger installations. A lot of the arts in the galleries were very depressive and one of the video installation was even disturbing. On the other hand, people I met on the street and those from Latin America that I knew before were all very zealous and outgoing. Had to think more on this.
The cute Metromover in downtown Miami. Still remember my first time seeing it in Asphalt.
The Freedom Tower, another building that witnessed a lot of history.
Had a great German lunch at Bayside Marketplace.
I guess the Vizcaya villa was just a tool of the host to show off his wealth and pretending that he’s cultivated by decorating rooms with the finest arts from different era and regions.

10 January 2019

People are enjoying a lot of fun activities even after dusk.
Had some great view of sunset at the nose of the ship.
Soaking the sum on the pool deck felt no difference than on a beach so the cancellation didn’t bother.
I was waked up by Captain Toni’s announcement telling us that the stop at CocoCay had to be cancelled, because the tender boar could not approach due to the rough sea. Still enjoyed the free continental room service.

9 January 2019

The production show reminded me of vulgar TV shows in 90s and 00s.
Tried the main dining room dinner. It was not very relaxing for me to sit in the middle of dress-up people. Never expected people would bring evening clothes to a cruise vacation. At least enjoyed the food.
Our room attendant enjoyed making figurines with towels during the 2x daily housekeeping.

8 January 2019

Blazing ship decks and resorts compared to shimmering lights in town after tourists left.
The 66-step Queen’s Staircase serves as an shortcut to the hill top.
Fort Fincastle and the water tower was another high ground overlooking the town. Saw a local running and jumping up and down the hill, selling coconuts to visitors. Could be an interesting post colonial scene.
Nassau welcoming its visitors with these colorful street signs, buildings, and murals. My favorite was the Princess parking sign.
The “salmon-hued” government house on top of a hill, overlooking the town, and the Columbus statue in front of it, reminded us the mixed colonial stories that happened in this country and on all islands of the Caribbeans.
NAGB Was converted from a villa and featured a collection of arts from local freelance and independent artist. Fighting for freedom (in many ways) was a big theme, probably because of the recent colonial history of the country.
After a night’s sailing, we were docked into Port of Nassau early in the morning. We had a wonderful view of the Paradise Island and the Atlantis Resorts from the balcony of the stateroom.

7 January 2019

Port of Miami was said to be the largest cruise port in the world. We boarded our ship, Mariner of the Seas from the recently completed Terminal A, “Crown of Miami.” The same terminal is also used by Symphony of the Seas, the largest class in RC’s fleets. We didn’t have any checked bags so we could start exploring the ship right away!
New York enters its coldest month of the year after the NYE revelry. The warm sun is missed and an escape to the south is badly needed. 【Itinerary】 Day 1 Miami Day 2 Nassau, Bahamas Day 3 At sea Day 4 CocoCay (RC’s private island, became another sea day b/c of weather) Day 5 Miami