United States of America · 6 Days · 10 Moments · December 2018

Xmas 2018 Road-trip!

25 December 2018

Home sweet home. Made it back to Delmar in around 10hrs, not too bad. A lot of driving- we put almost 2k miles on the car. Another great trip!!

24 December 2018

Went into Mt Airy in North Carolina for our last day and did a little Christmas shopping. There was bunch of cool antique places and an amazing candy store. It’s a cute little town where Andy Griffith grew up that was the inspiration for his show. Big drive home tomorrow, Christmas Day, should be no traffic!!

23 December 2018

Stopped in a small town after three hours of four wheeling to grab some lunch. It was a Mexican pizza place- food was ok. Nik ate a burrito that the table of three next to us shared. Lol
Four wheeling day! Set out early and drove through the mountains for an hour and a half to a utv rental place in Bluefield, West Virginia. The trail systems there are insane - over 80 miles of trails. Some trails were super muddy and driving through streams was interesting but the three hour drive to the next town was tons of fun! It was cool out but we had good gear so we stayed pretty warm. This area of West Virginia is all about four wheeling so you are allowed to drive anywhere- we even drove over 10 miles on a 55 mile per hour rd. Lol. Overall, great day!

22 December 2018

We drove out and went to Bottom Creek Gorge forest and trail system. We hiked a little over a 5 mile loop. Temps were around 35 but it was a good up and down to keep us warm. Saw a bunch of deer and V snuck right up on one to about 30 yards. Awesome waterfalls with all the rain. Had the whole trail to ourselves. Picked up some steaks and getting ready for a big day on the trail tomorrow with a utv rental.

21 December 2018

Awesome spelunking adventure today in West Virginia! Went to the Organ Cave which was used by the confederates during the civil war to make gun powder. They mined “salt Peter” which is a crystallized material made from bat poop. The vats that were used in the war were still intact and were pretty cool. We saw fossils, waterfalls, bats, and a lot of small tunnels we had to crawl through. It was a perfect rainy day activity - the guide was only a little worried about flash flooding. 😱😱

20 December 2018

We made it to our Airbnb cabin after a long drive. It was a pretty rainy drive but it’s supposed to clear up tomorrow. The cabin driveway was crazy and we had to drive through a small stream- the Subaru did fine. The cabin is super nice and full of stuffed animals. Lol
Stopped in Maryland for some delish bbq. Yummm!!
Nik is super happy with the new Subaru’s gas mileage: 37 miles per gallon. Making good time down but had to stop at Cabela’s because Veronica forgot a pair of water proof pants/ snow pants. We are going to need gear because we will be 4-wheeling in West Virginia on Sunday and it will probably be chilly.
Off we go. Got an early-ish start for our 10hr drive. Wanted to leave at 5am but headed out with a packed Crosstrek at 530am. Decided on the most direct route for the 630 mile drive to southwest Virginia: thruway to Newburgh, rt84 for 80 miles, and then rt81 for 430 miles!!