Poland · 5 Days · 12 Moments · May 2017

Greetings from Breslau, Polen

21 May 2017

see you later! bye wrocław!

20 May 2017

last day/night in Wrocław :)
today we went through the streets of the inner-city Wrocław. you can see nice pics of graffiti, dwarfs and the tower I went upstairs with my dad. :)

19 May 2017

without a plan through the town. :D #festival #icetea #herbals #beer #sun #tattoo #relax #water #hot #summer

18 May 2017

today we've visit the Auschwitz concentration camp. what a inculcating day.. In memory of the victims.. 🌹

17 May 2017

this afternoon, we went to the "Hala Stulecia". A great and relaxing place, to forget all negative things. :) There was a pond with illuminated water fountains. It was a musically accompanied drama. #beautiful
way back to our vacation apartment ;)
Look at these cute dwarfs! they're stand in some streets in the city!
today, we have visit the inner-city Wroclaw. this was a nice day-trip. We had delicious food and saw nice buildings there.

16 May 2017

we had a delicious pizza-beer-dinner and a nice walk to the bridge, near the pizza place (in Wroclaw). - great!
here, we want keep in Wroclaw, for the next 5 days. it's a great, big duplex apartment! :)
hello, great vacation-place! :)