North America, Europe · 12 Days · 72 Moments · April 2017

Wyatt's Germany, Czech Republic and Austria

23 April 2017

Good to be home.

22 April 2017

Beautiful sunset at the Toronto airport
Hello Toronto. Back in 🇨🇦
Bye bye Europe 👋🏻
We're sad to leave but also kinda happy to go home. I miss my horses😄.

21 April 2017

At the hotel now. Went to the gas station for some late night munchies.
Schloss castle... in ruins. And the biggest wine barrel in the world. It can hold 221,00 L of wine!!
When a train goes up the mountain
What a beautiful day
Hello Heidelberg
Bye bye Rotenburg.

20 April 2017

Night watchman tour was awesome! The night watchman was so funny and had so many stories to tell. Some fiction, but some that were true. He really made the history of Rothenburg fun. But I can't believe how far back in time this little town takes me. It's so beautiful.
Supper is quite appetizing
Rappenfchmiebe hotel
Neuschwanstein castle WOW.
Dachau concentration camp.
We're Now In Dachau.

19 April 2017

At the hotel now. Just ordered some pizza from the hotel 👌🏻
After the tour, we walked to our supper. Supper was very good with mushroom sauce, chicken and rice. Then we had a little bit of time to go shopping. After that we went to the hotel.
Some more Munich.
Nymphenburg palace.
Well I'm in heaven. We saw the BMW headquarters
Made it to Munich. Time for a tour of the city.
On our way to Munich.

18 April 2017

After our free time we met in front of st. Stevens cathedral. We had our supper at Wienerwald before we headed off to the opera performance by the Vienna symphony orchestra. It was amazing!!!
Did some shopping. Now just chilling having some cake.
Got to get a tour of the schönnbrunnen palace. They didn't allow pictures in there sadly but it was amazing! So beautiful inside.

17 April 2017

Supper was very very good, 2 stories underground in a 300 year old whine cellar
So we toured the city a bit to get some bearings and see some landmarks. Such as Schönnbrunnen palace. Home to Maria Theresia.
Mozart house. Not allowed pictures inside but wow!
St. Steven church😍
Made it to Vienna time to start walking. Again haha
And we're off to Vienna!

16 April 2017

Well a good end to a good day. Saw a Ferrari and a Lamborghini!!! Nice sunset behind St. Vitas Cathedral.
Wow my feet hurt. Haha. Had a good 5 hours roaming the streets of Praha. Saw so many cool things, such as the apple museum, another amazing church and saw the clock tower in town square at its five o'clock chime. And got a few nice things as well.
Once we finished touring with our tour guide, we got 5 1/2 hours to do whatever we want so first I stopped to eat at the hard rock café with Cole and Dawson.
Spent the day touring the St. Vitas Cathedral along with walking into the city of Praha and checking out some other landmarks.

15 April 2017

Well the museum was amazing. Now we are in Prague. Or Praha as the locals call it. This little town is around only half a million people. So not too big. This beautiful little town sends me right back to the 1800's.
Swinger museum in Dresden.
Checking out some breath taking views In Dresden.
Goodbye Berlin. On our way to Dresden.

14 April 2017

Just having a late night bite.
Just got back to the hotel. Time to chill👌🏻
Sitting down for supper at Der Ulte Fritg
Just took a walk down the Dutch quarter, got some ice cream and listened to some very talented marimba players.
Neues palais and the sanssouci palace grounds😍
Just crossed the "bridge of spies" into eastern Berlin.
After lunch, we went to the checkpoint charley museum and learnt about the two sides for this point between the soviets and the U.S. during the Cold War.
After the Branden burg gate, we walked over to one of the holocaust memorials and walked through it. It was very cool how it was designed, with no really fixed representation of what all of the rectangles represent. But that's what makes it so interesting. Is that you can put your own opinion on it. It was very cool to see. Yet very touching.
Branden burg gate. It is what used to be the inner Berlin boarded. Now it's like a unification gate to the people of Berlin.
Reichstag parliament building. The building that people say hitler burnt down. 🤔
After the wall, we went to see the French and German twin cathedrals. Little history... Before the German one was built, it collapsed so then they got to see the French cathedral before it was finished. They liked the design of the French, so they basically copied it. But, Germans wanting to be a little better, they got the chance to build their tower on their cathedral 1 meter higher than the French.
Starting off the day with the Berlin Wall and seeing where some tunnels were dug.

13 April 2017

Got back to the hotel now we are just gonna go roam around a little bit.
Going for lunch🥐
Sight seeing at its finest. St. Marien kiche, Berliner dom and Fernsehturm tower.
Foreshadow that when books are burnt. Eventually humans are burnt. May 1933.
Got to Berlin. Saw the Berlin Wall on the way in, now we're just checking in before we start touring the city.
Breakfast was amazing. Very good. Now we're On our way to Berlin. Just passed into eastern Germany.

12 April 2017

Time for bed. Talk about jet lag. Haha should have stayed away from sugary food😅. Until tomorrow Europe
Berlin sausage. 😋
Sitting down to eat at around 6:05. Feet hurt. 😰
Holsten gate.
Gettin cosy.
Hamburg... famous for cars.
Found the coach. Off to... I don't know. Wasn't told yet. Haha
Just met tour director. Off to lübeck.
On the way to Hamburg!!
In Frankfort. Gotta wait 2 hours till next flight because of the first flights delay.

11 April 2017

747-400 over to Frankfurt.✌🏻
In Toronto almost time for boarding!!
Off to Toronto!