China · 4 Days · 11 Moments · May 2016

Wuxi and Zhejiang - Land of many rivers

8 May 2016

Lingshan Buddha park / temples. Amazing place that took my breath away at every turn. I have so many more pictures. Just wow.

5 May 2016

modern and the ancient bridges side by side. This might be the best photo description for China I could make.
Dinner before its on the plate. I have no idea how someone who doesn't eat meat could go on a trip like this.
Amazing dinner of snails, river snake, noodles, pig cartilage, and tofu. Zhejiang is beautiful and delicious.
Hill side restaurant in Zhejiang. Jiang means river and Zhe meaning many. Land of many rivers.
Zhejiang mountains
Beautiful temple
Very different home architecture then back in the US or in Canton.
Three + hour drive to the factory today in pouring rain.

4 May 2016

According to our factory owner the city is nicknamed green city. 70% of the city is green space.
Landing in Wuxi outside Shanghai