North America · 26 Days · 21 Moments · June 2018

World Trip Part 3 - Great Alaska Road Trip

25 July 2018

Views around Juneau from the ferry.

23 July 2018

Juneau is a beautiful town accessed only by boat or plane that has easy access to good hiking and glaciers. We had the best king crab ever and a lucky 4 days of beautiful sunny weather in this very green, temperate rain forest.

22 July 2018

Bears strolled by us on our way to the Juneau ferry, close enough to get a good smartphone photo.

21 July 2018

We've had many great free campsites in the wild as well. Most have been waterfront. On day 23 we expect to pay for our first motel - in Juneau. Bottom picture is in the Yukon wilds. Top picture is in Haines where we'll catch the ferry to Juneau.

19 July 2018

The sun stayed up even later in Fairbanks. We were lucky enough to catch the Eskimo Olympics there. Here are scenes from the 2 Foot Kick competion, which reached 90 inches, and the Ear Pull, which simulates the pain experienced from frostbite.
We've been able to save tons of money by free-camping, mostly in Walmart, Fred Meyers stores, and truckstops. We're using the money to fly or boat into amazing places. We continue to share good times with Bob and Mike from Maine.

18 July 2018

Our days in Denali National Park were blessed with near-perfect weather. 70% of visitors never see the mountain due to rain and clouds. The mountain is one of the most massive in the world, rising more than 15,000 feet above its surroundings, more than Everest, but of course lower in overall elevation. Grizzly bears, coyotes, moose and Caribou were the primary wildlife seen.

17 July 2018

Tough finding a good parking spot in Denali.
Today we travel back through Haines to the Alcan Highway where we hope to meet up with Maine-iacs Bob and Mike. Hope to spend the night in the Walmart Astoria in Whitehorse, Yukon.

16 July 2018

Was rather shocked to find the bus in which Chris McCandless starved to death at the 49th State Brewing property just outside of the entrance to Denali National Park. It was moved from deep in the wilderness -read Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. A very sad shrine - good to see that it's getting some attention.

12 July 2018

Paddled up to a glacier near Seward where there was much calving activity.. Lots of small icebergs and big thunder from icefall. Katabatic wind kept blowing us away from the glacier. Had to stay back far enough to avoid 30 ft waves from calving.

11 July 2018

Saved enough money sleeping in the car to spend some money to get dropped into real grizzley/salmon country by way of a beautiful glacier. Saw black and grizzly bear eating salmon so thick that you could walk across them. Bald eagles got the scraps.Wolverine Creek out of Soldotna. We caught beautiful red sockeye, and released them. We kept one beautuful pre-spawn silver version for dinner. Never thought that salmon could be good enough to displace Maine lobster on my hit list, but it did. The guys fishing didn't notice the griz behind them. Everyone is focused on salmon!

10 July 2018

A Russian heritage church on the Kenai Penninsula

9 July 2018

Homer, Alaska - the farthest we can go by road!

7 July 2018

We met a couple of great guys from Maine in Kenai City. We got to know them well in Homer, which was a beautiful place, although a bit socked in by weather. Scenes on the Kenai River Gorge en route to Homer, near the Russian River.

6 July 2018

Cruise ship pulling out of Seward.
Nice 239 lb halibut taken today. Worth $30 /lb for filet and prime parts. Seward is very beautiful. This time of year the sun goes behind the mountains for only 5 hrs a night. It doesn't really get dark. We have a prime water front campsite, $10 per night. Showers are $2 additional. The going rate for basic motel rooms is $100. We've been using Walmart and truckstop parking for free, plus a couple of rv parks for $15. Our suv bed is very comfy. Rain is due to return on Sunday (it's a rain forest), so we may need a night or two in a hotel if it stays wet for long.
Exit Glacier is exiting the valley - global warming.

5 July 2018

Our Seward campsite was at "mile zero" for the Iditarod.

30 June 2018

Just did a 6 day, straight shot from home to our furthest region in Alaska. Tomorrow we can relax and begin to explore. We'll take our time going back. It was a great drive. Everything north of the great lakes is beautiful lake country. The only problem is the mosquitos. The lakes north of Huron and Superior, thousands of them, have rocky shores and islands like Lake George. We passed a new lake every 10 minutes for 18 hrs straight! Not counting the world's largest, deepest and coldest lakes on our left.