Mexico · 1 Days · 4 Moments · March 2015

World Travels- Mexico

31 March 2015

Day 2- Cenote Zaci Beautiful Cenote by the town of Valladolid, considered sacred to the Mayans, and one can realize why. You could even swim in it!
Day 2- Valladolid Lunch in the Casona de Valladolid - built over 100 years ago for the mayor of the town- it is now a sort of restaurant with amazing Yucatecan food (and Corona) as well as a church towards the back and a souvenir shop. The city is small and has a lot of culture especially in the central plaza, filled with flowers, vendors and the town church.
Day 2- Chichen Itza! If you ever go to Mexico, and do not visit any of the pyramids/ruins around, you are at a loss. Although it can get hot and a bit humid, nothing beats the fact that you're standing where a whole civilization used to stand, and learning about their culture and practices is unbelievable! Even just the feeling of connection through the pyramids is incredible. Definitely worth every drop of sweat ahah.

30 March 2015

Day 1- Beautiful sunset to greet us after a long flight over. Definitely worth everything that day