France · 51 Days · 30 Moments · July 2016

Working in Théoule-sur-Mer, France

1 September 2016

House ans silly doggie

30 August 2016

Stormy day and doggie fight

29 August 2016

25 August 2016

Beach , butterflies and bows

23 August 2016

Daisy and the garden hose

22 August 2016

Boats & Fish

20 August 2016

Sleepy dogs

18 August 2016


15 August 2016

Dogs playing in the sand

12 August 2016

Fun with the dogs

10 August 2016

Rambeling rose, magnolia and the dogs

6 August 2016

Pool day wirbt Biscuit

3 August 2016

Napkin folds for the Engagement

1 August 2016

The house /tree room

28 July 2016

Toilet Paper Origami

27 July 2016

Local beach

26 July 2016

Deco ans dogs

25 July 2016


23 July 2016

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22 July 2016

The Villa

21 July 2016

20 July 2016

Elsas Birthday!

18 July 2016

Just a few pictures of Daisy and Biscuit at the beach and helping me clean :)

17 July 2016

Woooooh! First time at the beach in Cannes! Finally we got some spare time during our break in the afternoon. No shopping, no nap, no nothing! Again. It is hard to find parking. But somehow we managed and spend a lovely few hours swimming and sunbathing! The water is a bit fresh but umbelivably blue and clear. To spoil ourselfs a little we went for a Cocktail to the beachbar and had sushi Witz a dark'n'stormy back Home.
The next day we already started work at 7 am. Puuuh. What a short night! When we went down to the villa we got greeted by 3 curious dogs. Bisquit: Super cute 2 year old Labrador who just looooves to play fetch and cuddle. Daisy: The Boxer is quite skittish but once she knows you you have to be very careful.... She looooves to give wet kisses! Bow: the most adorable little sausage dog! A bit of a spoiled brat (all sausage dogs are though.... Right??) But seems to like a few cuddles too. Looooves meat.

16 July 2016

First Trip finding the Shopping Center! ... Driving is no fun arround here. If we thought it was Bad drivers in the alps - HA - nothing conpared to crazy cylists who are in the middle if the Road or in groups of at least 2 Next to wach other. Pedestrians think they own the streets too as There is no Need to use designated crossings or even tbe walkway. The other cars... Well. Either Drive with 10 kmh or stop apruptly for no reason in the middle of the road. Parking is impossible to find. On a Positive Note: i got myself a new Sunhat and v a chic white cap. :)

14 July 2016

We slowly settled into some sort of a routine now. V leaves every morning at 7.45 to get fresh croissants and news papers while I set up breakfast and start cleaning the outdoor areas. ... Sunset beautiful

13 July 2016

This is the story of our summer working in Théoule. A small village on the Côtes du Azur, very close to Cannes. It was a pretty long day for us as V just arrived back from Bordeaux this morning. Our flight from Munich to Nice was quite late. Allitalia made things more complicated then it should have been by complaining about our hand luggage.... We landed arround midnight at Nice and where looking for our taxi driver who was supposed to be waiting for us. Well.... He did. At the wrong terminal. Once he found us we went on a hour long drive . It was hard to stay awake but we knew we would not be able to sleep once we arrive at our new home. We circled the street a couple of times until we managed to find the right gate. No body seems to bother with putting house numbers up here. We had a quick welcome from our boss who showed us our cute little cottage. With OCEAN VIEWS !!!