Germany · 43 Days · 8 Moments · November 2014

Work-away im bauernhof

18 December 2014

Spending time with animals and the environment has driven me closer to the mother earth and embraced the spirit-spinning nature

8 December 2014

O christmas tree o christmas tree ~ !!! Frohe weihnachten

2 December 2014

The snow has dressed the forest up with the glittering white outfit. Here i m 200 m above donau river

28 November 2014

xmas is a feeling, filling the air. Xmas is a feast, filling your stomach as well

13 November 2014

crafted the wood, made the cheese, i just had everything made by hand ;)

11 November 2014

To see behind the citywall which has been standing up for centuries and to feel the historical side of the city

8 November 2014

Its all about fitness wood chopping and bow shooting ;)

6 November 2014

A city girl in the farm! Everything is just so new n nice for me;)