Belgium, Bulgaria · 150 Days · 15 Moments · May 2018

With TUI in Varna - Bulgaria ✈️

29 September 2018

It’s the end! The season is finished and so has my life as an entertainer. I can’t thank Tui enough for this chance! I got to meet so many lovely people and I’m really going to miss this life. But it’s time to return to the real world and start working on a new future. See you soon everybody Thank you for everything ♥️

12 September 2018

The first time I had a mental breakdown. It starting with some tooth pain, same as last year. But after the visit to the dentist, the pain got worse and i felt like trowing up and fainting. Right before buying my medication for my tooth, I totally collapsed and my whole body went into shock. For a minute, I couldn’t move my whole body. Thank god a lot of people helped me but my hands stayed frozen. I think this was one of the scariest things I have ever felt. No control over your body and only because my body couldn’t handle the pain of my tooth anymore.. the doctors gave me meds for muscle relaxing and I feel so high while typing this message, fighting not to fall a sleep. I wanted to capture this feeling and emotions before falling into a deep sleep. Guess the job has asked too much of me and this is why it’s the last season with TUI as animation. After this lovely chapter of a year and a half, it’s time to rest and get ready for the real world, back in Belgium.

4 September 2018

No clue where these ones where taken but I’ll post it anyway 🤦🏼‍♀️ Just joking guys, it’s says in big letters 🤗

22 August 2018

My family came to visit me for a few days. Despite the busy schedule, i got to spent time with them. It’s only when you are of an certain age, your realize how much they mean to you and how cool they are. ♥️

13 August 2018

WE DID IT!!! We finally received our golden pin. 🥇 The pin stands for exceptional guest service, which means we got really good points from the guests. With these points we reached the targets that our managers set up for us. We are also still the best SuneoClub hotel this summer season. Very proud 🙆🏼‍♀️

31 July 2018

Went to Nesebar but totally forgot to take pics. Everybody has a different opinion... mine is that Nesebar has been taking over by the tourists and there is almost nothing typical Bulgarian to see. You have to go the other way to find some real peace and culture in this old city. My advice? Don’t stay in line and follow everyone, take the next street on your left or right and lose yourself in the city. Only then you might find something worth to see.

26 July 2018

Day off and I got forced into a sunflower field. Lovely photos but my shoes are ruined. Thank god he is getting better with his hobby. #SvnOfficial #photography

20 July 2018

We went back for a couple of days to Belgium for the wedding of Sarah & Steven. After 2 hour delay and 6 hours of sleep, the day was absolutely lovely and amazing. Thank you for having us and I wish the happy couple all my best ♥️ #sarahenstevenzeggenja

18 July 2018

Yesterday another successful circus afternoon. Even after 2 months, we are still changing and adding things to the activities so we are doing the best we can. The Circus photobooth is the newest add to this afternoon. 🎪

4 July 2018

For the moment, our hotel ‘Helios Beach’ is leading on the board from all suneoclub hotels. We are going for our golden pins!!! #goteam

19 June 2018

Visiting the local fair 🎡 It’s not really big but it gives a nice atmosphere to the town. PS: bae won me a stitch ☺️😍

13 June 2018

It’s been a while that I posted something but it’s been very busy. Preparing lots of costumes, shows, decorations for the World Cup and the shows. Thank god the hard work pays off. We had a lovely and successful ‘Pirate Treasure Hunt’ afternoon. I spent hours making the costumes with the stuff we had, which was not much. But I think we look pretty fine 😅 Aaaaaggr!!

10 May 2018

Had a blast with my team! Before the real opening of the hotel, we spent a day off together to do some shopping. Half of the stores were in our trunk... together with ikea and some other shoppings. Looking forward to a lovely season with these 3 awesome people

4 May 2018

Exploring the town a bit before we actually can start working in the hotel. It’s really quiet for now but the sun is out so first day is a happy day ☀️

3 May 2018

Ready for my flight to Varna. But first we have to wait a couple of hours before departure and another 4hours until landing.. I think this book will be good company 😉 Fingers crossed for no nightmares (Secretly becoming a Stephen King fan, my 5th book already since last summer )