Austria, Germany · 5 Days · 20 Moments · February 2013

Winter- wonder-land(le) Vorarlberg

3 March 2013

Skiing at Oberlech Skiing at Oberlech means entering the slope by leaving the hotel. This is unique and exclusive and therefore expensive. Sitting in the sun on the terrace and having a coffee or any other drink doesn't cost more than elsewhere in Vorarlberg.
Arlberg The “Arlberg” is a brand name for a touristic high class hotspot. Mostly it's a winter destination for tourism. Here you find hundreds of kilometers ready for downhill skiing. During the summer season many hotels are closed and you can enjoy a quite huge hiking and trekking area.
Oberlech Zürs and Lech are well known as holiday resorts for rich people. Therefore you will find lots of high class hotels with everything that’s needed. But there are also little guest houses, not so noble but more cosy and suitable for tourists with average budget. The village Lech is situated right on the mountainside. The summer pasture for the cattle and a few farm buildings used to be up there. When Lech became more famous, the old farmhouses at “Oberlech” were turned into hotels and noble villas. To reach this place you have to take the cable lift from Lech. If arriving by car you have to stay at the car park outside of Oberlech. All buildings are still not reachable by car as they are located on the meadow and have no paved streeets leading to each of them.

2 March 2013

Brandnertal The “Brandnertal” is a valley between the town of Bludenz and the Schesaplana - mountains. Brand itself is a village which is well known for walking and trekking in summer and skiing in winter. There are a lot of chairlifts which bring you right up to the skiing slopes and nordic skiing trails. Brand is a touristic hotspot and satisfies all touristic needs.

1 March 2013

Gästehaus Maria Grün, Frastanz This small hotel is situated in a calm area near Feldkirch in walking distance to the old town.. Nevertheless there is an easy access to the A14.
Schattenburg This castle was built in 1200 and is one of the best preserved buildings of this kind in Europe. It is situated above the town of Feldkirch and was connected to the town by the town wall. If you are hungry after visiting the castle there is a nice restaurant inside the Schattenburg.
Old town of Feldkirch Feldkirch has a lovely old town with the “Marktplatz” in the middle. This square is surrounded by houses with arcades so the people could walk with dry feet. Now there are still days where a market is held, where you can buy local products. Around the market square you can find different shops and cafes.
Feldkirch Feldkirch is an ideal town for taking trips to the Montafon and the Arlberg. The city is situated right at the borders to Lichtenstein and Switzerland.

28 February 2013

Almhotel Hochhäderich An ideal place for summer and winter. The hotel offers several wellness treatments and is situated at the end of the road to Hochhäderich. From the entrance you walk right into the skiing slope. Ideal for families.
Hochhäderich, Hittisau Nordic skiing, skiing and snowshoe walking at Hochhäderich. At the end of the road starts the slope. You can get out of the car at the car park, put on your skies and glide through the snow. You can also start to walk through the winter wonderland, or head to the tow lift and chair lift a few meters ahead. Hochhäderich is part of the village of Hittisau, a few kilometers away at the end of a serpentine road which seems to heaven ;) Here you find silence in a beautiful landscape but also a variety of slopes for different skill levels .
The "Käsestraße" as a brand name The “Käsestraße Bregenzerwald” ist a cooperation of milkfarmers, craftsmen and hosts who produce typical local cheese. They formed the cooperation to market their products better also outside of Vorarlberg.
Bregenzerwald The “Bregenzerwald” is the northeastern part of Vorarlberg. It is still mostly forest and mountains. Farming and tourism are the main source of income.

27 February 2013

Hotel Schwärzler This hotel is situated near the A14 and an ideal place if you go by car. It offers free parking and free WLAN. Walking distance to the old town is 10 minutes.
Hotel IBIS - Bregenz A good choice if you arrive by train. It is situated near the train station and in a short walking distance to the old town. It has a garage but parking is charged for extra. The Hotel is located at a main road which means traffic noise. No problem in winter but maybe in summer when you like to sleep with open windows. WLAN is for free.
Pfänder The “Pfänder” is a rocky hill right in the heart of Bregenz - 1064 meters high, overlooking Lake Constance. On a bright day you have a great view over the coastal parts of Switzerland and Germany. From Bregenz there is a cable car, the “Pfänderbahn” bringing you to the peak. From there you can take several walking tours, even to the mountains nearby. You can also choose to sit in the sun on the verandas of the so-called “Hütte” which means “simple restaurant” On the “Pfänder you find several skiing slopes, but it's not a typical skiing resort.
Lake Constance One of the largest lakes in Europe. Vorarlberg has only a small part of the shoreside. From the train station at Bregenz there is a promenade along the shore. The famous festival house lies in between a park at one and the lake on the other side. There are some nice old towns in Germany to visit: Lindau, Wasserburg, Freidrichshafen. All of them are easy to reach by train.
Bregenz and Lake Constance Bregenz is the capital city of Vorarlberg and a good place to stay if you want to explore the areas Lake Constance and the Bregenzerwald. It has a small but neat old town which is a pedestrian zone. There are several shops where you find brand labels and a variety of bakeries and cafes. The “Martinsturm” was originally built as part of the town wall but then turned to be used as a granary. Now it is one of the landmarks of Bregenz. The „Theater am Kornmarkt“ is the main theater. The “Vorarlberg Museum" is also very interesting as it shows the history of the region.
The language Although Vorarlberg is part of German-speaking Austria you may find it impossible to understand the people. The reason is that the people here are historical more connected to the Swiss “Allemannen” - in culture and in language. But don't be scared, all "Vorarlberger" are able to speak proper German and most also English.
Fact and fiction How to get there: The easiest way is by car. There are many motorways from all adjacent countries which lead to Bregenz, the capital of Vorarlberg. If you plan to arrive by plane: Only James Bond was able to check a ticket for “Bregenz-International” (“Quantum of Solace”). Vorarlberg itself has no airport. Travelers like us have to decide between Friedrichshafen, Munich, Zürich or Innsbruck. Then you can go by train or bus. If you come from the east Airport Altenrhein an opportunity. This small airport at Lake Constance at the border in Switzerland has daily shuttle flights to Vienna.
Vorarlberg Thinking of Vorarlberg often means thinking of VIPs in exclusive skiing resorts on the “Arlberg”, but this small county has much more to offer. Although Vorarlberg is the second smallest county of Austria, it's the home of many international well known industrial and producing companies. Such like “Doppelmayr”, “Wolford”, “Zumtobel” or “Liebherr”. Still, your might also know brand names like “Pfanner”, “Rauch” or “Suchard”. For visitors it's the countryside, the mountains and the Lake Constance which are interesting - and the “Ländle” has a lot to offer - in summer and as a long tradition, in winter. It's not only the “Arlberg” though, there are a lot other places with excellent service, best prepared slopes and moderate prices to visit.