United Kingdom · 45 Days · 11 Moments · January 2017

Winter holidays in London, United Kingdom

18 February 2017

And can you guess, what is it? We went to the Regent Street to the night shopping! It's Shaftesbury Avenue and I saw this great old building with blue lights on it. I love in London, like, everything.

5 February 2017

Picadilly Circus is famous as the main place in London (for me). But it's more important, that it was on Sherlock's main theme. Yo, favorite place from my favorite TV-series! What can be better?
Finally, the Regent Street is here. Oh, and Hamleys... I was on every floor of it (it has 5) and I thought, I'd buy everything 😂 P. S. The biggest shop with toys ;)

13 January 2017

Pictures of our last day in London. We were in Madam Tussauds museum, on River Themes Cruise... I swear, I'll come back and will visit all this places again!!!!!

12 January 2017

The tenth day was the biggest day because of our tour to The Making Of Harry Potter Studio ⚡️I'm a huge fan of this books and movies, so I was really HAPPY AND "OMGOMGOMG"!!! My house is Slytherin, btw ❣️

9 January 2017

It's Greenwich "0" Meridian and museum, where The Night In Museum was filmed. BOOOOOOOORING! The weather was awful, it was raining this 2 days 😭

7 January 2017

Don't remember the actual day, so just put the random date. We were in Brighton, which famous for Sea Life and YouTuber's. YouTuber's are better, actually 😂 Was hoping, that I'll see Zoe and Alfie, but it didn't happen, cuz' Imma looser!!!

6 January 2017

Next day was kinda boring :( We've visited British Museum and there were nothing interesting or special. Just a museum with strange, old art, which I don't understand. And another 2 hours on Regent Street.

5 January 2017

Some pictures in "tumblr" style. Amazing black background with millions of golden lightnings. This pictures were on my phone backgrounds too. It's like a photo from Internet, but when you know, that you made it, it's unreal 🔥

4 January 2017

Second day of the trip, the fourth of January 2017. We've went to the center of stunning old city, the greatest London, and visited really fascinating places, such as Elizabeth's Tower, Westminster Abbey and, of course, Buckingham Palace! It's the time before sunset, near 5 o'clock, and the sky was amazing. Just look at this shades of violet, blue, aqua and purple 😍😍😍
Before we've seen the Big Ben, we had a long road to it. Here is a view at the famous London Eye (4:20-4:30). It's great, doesn't it, huh? And this sky, OMG... P. S. Don't judge my English, please. Thank you.