South Africa · 2 Days · 14 Moments · November 2016

Wine2Whales 2016

8 November 2016

We both got quite badly sunburned on our heads today. On one of us it was a little easier to see though... Barry Hilton was the post race entertainment and we were also treated to an amazing sunset. Day 2 done!
Post race selfie - a little dusty out there today!
Took a bit of a tumble today and had to get some help from the support crew. Luckily they could fix my front wheel well enough for me to finish most of the rest of the day, but very sad that I had to miss a section 😢 Luckily no broken bones - just some scrapes and bruises.
My regular view of Craig - racing up a hill.
Unfortunately there was a little back long quite early on today. I think someone was walking down a hill instead of riding. And no, this is not only happening because I stopped to take the selfie.
Day 2 pre race selfie and some pics on the start line

7 November 2016

Post race and then some recovery bonding time. I'm am just relieved Craig was still talking to me after all the waiting he'd done today.
We were trying to win the selfie comp - we had some selfie logistical issues though
Water point 3 - I was too tired to be in any photos at this point
Hiking up Sir Lowry's pass in 35 degree weather - not fun! And not part of mountain biking. I was not a happy camper. Craig seemed ok with it though...
This is why they call it the WINE 2 whales
Craig leaving me in the dust - as per usual
Water point 1
Start line