France · 4 Days · 25 Moments · July 2016

Trip from Paris to Barcelona

23 July 2016

Last dinner/dessert in France
Views of Biaritz
Part 2
Beach time
Dune climbing

22 July 2016

Ordered the Plat du jour for lunch. Very good.
We went to this castle. Catherine Medici lived here with King Henry

21 July 2016

Just a few pictures from Versailles
Saw the arch and the tower
Ready for day 2

20 July 2016

Paintings from the louvre.
The Mona Lisa.
Statues from the louvre
There was a quiche here before I ate it
At the louvre.
Made our way on a 2 hour bus ride to the hotel.
Safely made it to France.
Customs is packed
First cuisiount possibly over French airspace. Yes. I know that I spelled the delicious breakfast wrong
Got a solid nights sleep. Only an hour left on the plane.
Me finding out that sleeping is rather hard to do when you aren more excited than tired
Of course we had to stop at BWW

19 July 2016

Arrived at JFK
2.5 hours in on the bus to the airport. 1 to go