Ecuador · 3 Days · 3 Moments · June 2016

20 June 2016

Busing from Baños to Guayachil and then on to Mancora was awesome. We read reviews that people had been drugged and robbed on the buses so we set off pretty cautiously. The journey that ensued was super scenic though as we crossed the Andes, seeing some of the earthquake damage and then on to the Ecuador/Peru boarder. 4 days in Ecuador really wasn't much but we covered a crazy amount of ground so are slightly more on track now and had a blast in Baños.

19 June 2016

As we signed away our lives we rented 2 quad bikes to go waterfall hunting... There was of course very little emphasis on actually having a driving licence or on anything for that matter. Bumbling along over taking each other, lorries and horses we went up tiny little roads and dirt tracks that eventually lead to tiny, or not so tiny, "cascadas". We even adopted the Ecuadorian etiquette of only overtaking up hills and on blind bends, so as not to be rude. En route there were about 4 long tunnels which really released our inner boy racers. As you went in you could slow down, drop a couple of gears and then let loose on the throttle, bringing everything to life with the sound of 4 over excited, adrenaline fuelled lads. Soggy and tired, there was an extremely enticing option of a 'natual hot spring pool' that we immediately went for. However on arrival we realised that this was simply an offer of swimming in a bath of fat sweaty Ecuadorians so gave it a miss.

18 June 2016

Ecuador is a eerily quiet, prostitute infested and fees like someone found a plot of land and decided to build a country on it... But did a slightly botch job. That it, until you leave Quito. A 4 hour bus took us through the mountains in massive gorges and fields of what I think was quinoa. After jumping in a pick up taxi (that's all they have here) we got to the "great hostels backpackers" and have a private room... I even got a non bunk bed bed