Brazil · 13 Days · 8 Moments · August 2016

17 August 2016

Official status update; - I like business class. You get sorted out before the flight with an open bar and several buffets of food, the you get on the plane and given champagne then go to what I assumed to be a couples suite or a family cabin... Only to find out its my seat. More alcohol ensues, because it would be rude not to and then at the push of a button you're chair is a bed. Then... And this is the best part... You do it all over again from JFK to Heathrow. I have even been given an arrivals lounge pass for Heathrow to drown out my long night before the hop over to Greece.

15 August 2016

São Paulo. Very hilly but amazing in terms of culture and we even managed to squeeze in a good old fashioned skol session. Very sad to be leaving such a cool place but the 50 hours of traveling are staring me down so onwards and upwards.

13 August 2016

Arriving on Ilha Grande it was a bit grey but we had heard great things about the forecast for the coming days so weren't fazed by it. Having a supper of fish and fish and fish we hit the super comfy hay at the hostel and set an alarm for 9 so we could catch an hour of breakfast and get slightly on with the day. Putting away the customary cake for breakfast we set off in swimmers and flip flops to hike alone the coast of the carless island. After an hour or so of hiking alone jungle tracks we came out into a beautiful little cove with a perfect beach. Set up camp, and had a swim followed by a well deserved bask in the 28 degree heat. On the way back as the sun set we went to a waterfall which was just a bit cold really. Then back to the hostel to work out how to get to São Paulo the best day. Then **BIG NEWS** - we took our last ever bus.

11 August 2016

Final couple of days in Rio. We set off north to the Santa Teresa region and got to some grim but massive pebble dash Methodist cathedral before wandering around the streets and finding the Escadaria Selarón, a set of stairs that are an artists life long project. The whole 4/5 flights are covered in tiles and he changes then depending upon his current interests and world events which makes for some seriously cool and wacky stuff. Then having now more than half a dozen small beers and some ribs we got finally ready for the next day and the bus to Ilha Grande.

10 August 2016

Rugby day. Waking up a little worse for wear we got the hair off the dogs and got a very long train to Deodoro, the Olympic village in the suburbs of Rio. Then walking and queueing for ages we finally got to the rugby stadium having missed a match. Then we watched; Japan - Kenya GB - NZ Brazil - Argentina Fiji - USA Team GB won and the atmosphere for the Brazil match was amazing so all in all it was really good. Back to the hostel via a burger and then finally a sit down and chill which swiftly turned into a nap.

9 August 2016

Beach volley ball day. Having decided it was too cloudy the day before we set off early after breakfast to head up Christ the redeemer. This is actually quite a slog and once we were finally there we had a race up the hill to get there before a cloud that was following us and threatening a white out. Lots and lots of tourists were up there which made it slightly tricky to move/breathe/live but it was amazing, the bloke himself is 35m tall and the view point is 710m up so you can see the whole of Rio, including our district (Botafogo) and Copacabana. Then off to the beach volleyball, this was just brilliant. George and I had half a shandy before we got there and got hyper involved with our support from wherever in the stands we fancied. After we were done we went down to a Sköl (beer brand) bar on the beach and had a right Royal piss up with our new found best mates... Who spoke Portuguese. Georges top got swapped, I had a homeless mans hat and miraculously we made it home.

5 August 2016

Getting the free breakfast down again on a very nice morning we realised the stupidity of jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane. No nerves as yet. The company 'skydive foz' drove us to their site outside of the main town and we got kitted up in the harnesses. Still a lack of nerves. A short while later we walked over to the plane and were properly crammed in on each other's laps with numb nerves. Then at 12,000 ft the f***ing door opened and boom Tom was gone... A whole storm of nerves came out of no where and suddenly I was on the edge with my legs dangling into nothingness. Then bam, you're off. After 20 seconds of free fall and 2 minutes of parachuting I can honestly say it is one of the most amazing things and I have a couple of hairs on my chest. $80 for a photo $0 for my photo shopping effort.

4 August 2016

First stop in Brazil, Foz de Iguassu. Having the best included breakfast we have had (win) we set off across the boarder to the Argentine side of Iguazu, which contains 80% of the falls. En route we stopped off to see Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay all in one river. First of all we got a little theme park train to the Devil's throat, a massive double drop off into a proper abyss... You can not see the bottom at all of a 200m across hole. Then you wander around all day seeing wall after wall of water and getting drenched in doing so. It's on of the most amazing things I've seen when there is just a truck load of water falling all around you and coming up about 50m as splash back. The whole waterfall system is in a national park so there is also loads of really cool wildlife including butterfly's (sorry twitcher comment). Tomorrow. We jump out of a plane.