Germany, Austria · 25 Days · 25 Moments · June 2018

Will's adventure in Germany

5 July 2018

Finally almost home

4 July 2018

Today we went to the Deutsches Museum (German Museum) which had all sorts of stuff like glass women dabbing and glass blowing and ship interiors and cave paintings and sundials and electrical components. We also saw Bavario on the way to the English Gardens. In the English Gardens I noticed the Lederhosen Express and a boy surfing in the river! Also I was definitely in San Francisco (as a tiny cardboard cutout).

3 July 2018

Today we went to Dachau, the BMW Museum, and BMW World. Dachau was a massive concentration camp and was a very heavy but enlightening experience.

2 July 2018

We saw Karlstor and went to some churches. I saw a cool statue of St. Michael again. We saw the May Pole in the middle of the Viktualienmarkt. We went to some more churches. We dinked around in the mall during our free time and I found the Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

1 July 2018

Today we left our hostel and said goodbye to our bus driver who was pretty cool. On the way we stopped at a salt mine and a slide thing called a Sommerrodelbahn. I didn’t take any pictures though because I didn’t want to ruin my phone.

30 June 2018

So I met the love of my life: this man-sized pickle boi. His name is Picklenaruto. He and I found this new funny bathroom sign. We also saw the house Mozart grew up in and a neat fountain that Picklenaruto almost fell in. We saw another cathedral and some important thing I don’t know the name of but was a big golden ball with a statue on top. I also saw a cool statue stabbing a demon. The was a place called the Reckturm which we made all sorts of jokes about and we went on top of the main fortress and it was pretty.

29 June 2018

Had lunch with Stone and Oscar today on a mountainside. I saw some pine cones in somebody’s bike basket too. The mountain was really pretty and I saw a baby goat!! And I tried German skittles too. We’re in Salzburg, Austria now though.

28 June 2018

We saw Neuschwanstein today and it was one of the most awe inspiring thing I’ve ever seen. We also went to an alpine lake and saw the Wieskirche.

27 June 2018

Today we left our hosts and travelled to Rothenburg where we saw some cute houses and I almost lost my retainer. Then I had exact change for the candy I bought at the gas station and on the way to Füssen, where we’re staying in a youth hostel we saw the beautiful alps and after dinner we took a walk and saw a river almost as gorgeous as my girlfriend ;) Also there was a funny sign in the hostel

26 June 2018

We passed a lake on the way to get some ice cream and go mini-golfing. Then we went to a German restaurant where “Weiner Art” was on the menu.

25 June 2018

We went to Nürnberg today to see the Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds which was interesting. And then we went to see the castle where the old german Kaisers spent some time sometimes. Also somebody fell asleep on the bus.

24 June 2018

We went to the English theater today and it was actually really really good. We saw the Hound of Baskervilles. It’s a Sherlock Holmes thing but there were only 3 actors and they made it hilarious.

23 June 2018

We went to Hessenpark today which is as bunch of reconstructed houses and stuff so I saw my dream house (picture 3) and some adorable little piglets and a giant pig daddy.

22 June 2018

Today we went to the fire station and got a tour of all their American equipment. Then I went souvenir shopping. And I went to Ebbelwoifest which is the same as Summerfest but there’s 16-year-olds drinking and it’s all about the Apple Wein. (I didn’t try any).

21 June 2018

Today we went to the Guttenberg museum. I printed a page myself and then I got to illuminate it but I didn’t have much time because of the calligraphy stuff. Also I’m not a good artist so yeah. Then we went and saw some old Roman ships but I didn’t take any pictures of that. Also I’m starting to feel pretty homesick.

20 June 2018

Today was my first real school day. It was funny because I went to some English classes and the groups of students I talked to in each of the classes all asked me about Fortnite. Also about Donald Trump and then someone else in the group always said “why would you ask that?!” As if they were embarrassed. But I also saw some weird stuff at Edeka (grocery store). Then I went to the beach again and it was better this time. I made a friend out of sticks and rocks and then I was pretty sure stone died so I just threw tiny Little Rock’s on top of him. Also I went to a concert for Frederik and that was pretty good actually.

19 June 2018

So basically I found Esa’s future car today. But we saw the Cologne Cathedral today and it was just awe-inspiring. It was absolutely breathtaking. Also I saw a saw of pigeons and one of the Germans fell asleep with his eyes half open and it was super creepy.

18 June 2018

We saw a lot today. So we started on a train to St. Goars(sssssssssss)hausen where we stopped in a cafe. When I used the restroom this sign was on the door 😂 After that we took a paddle steamer down the Rhine river and saw a bunch of stuff including the Loreley rock. Eventually we got to Assmannshausen which everyone pronounced with short A’s of course. We saw a reindeer I think and a cool statue dedicated to the Kaiser and some MASSIVE vineyards.

17 June 2018

So I went to a public viewing of the World Cup game between Germany and Mexico. I was of course rooting for Germany. It kinda reminded me of the homecoming dance the way the floor was crowded. Also I saw a place called Frick so that was great but they better watch their language. I ate at a place called What’s Beef and it was pretty good.

16 June 2018

I built some castles today but the geese were jealous and so they invaded. Then made art for my girlfriend which they thought was so beautiful that they left. Also I went bowling with Frederik and some of his friends and I beat Frederik in because I yelled “WAH” every time he tried to bowl (throw the ball? Roll the ball? Send the ball?)

15 June 2018

Today we went to the top of Maintower. Main as in the river so pronounced “mine.” I got a couple pictures up there with some mountains in the background. We saw the Alter Oper, several places owned by Ebert and where I was murdered. Then I hung out with my homeboy, Goethe and we went to the Römerberg to see the Fachwerkhäuser and the Römer itself. Also I dabbed.

14 June 2018

We went to Trier. I took some pictures of some houses on the way. We got to see some of Karl Marx’s past and some Roman buildings too. I ate some German American food too, just to compare.

13 June 2018

I met the mayor today but nobody sent me the pictures so here’s Frederik and a picture of a Kiss pillow case I found at Aldi. I did however go to Burger King to see the differences so that was cool.

12 June 2018

Apparently they make metal sporks and also have playgrounds in German airports.