United States of America · 3 Days · 13 Moments · August 2018

Williamsburg, Virgina

26 August 2018

It’s the little things! :)

25 August 2018

Yes I am hungry!!!!
Lord, I have to pee SOOOOOO BADDDDDD!!!!!! Also, am I hungry? Hmmmmm
Quick gas break! Loving the drive and being surrounded by gorgeous trees and beautiful sky. The Creator is amazing. Feeling encouraged and ready for this new job. ❤️

24 August 2018

Pool time!
Right next to my air B and B!!!! JACKPOT! Anddddd i made it to Mobile! Staying here tonight then off to Atlanta in the morning.
I genuinely had to pee again. Like, REALLY BADDDDDDD KBYE
Stopped AGAIN, because I’m drinking water and Coke Zero non stop. 💅🏼