North America, Europe · 13 Days · 15 Moments · April 2017

The Griswald German Family Adventure

11 May 2017

Auf Wiedersehen, Germany...Our last meal in Germany was breakfast, which we picked up at the Shell station before we got to the airport. It was call the "Till", a pretzel wrapped in schinken (like prosciutto) and Gouda cheese. We are them in the parking lot by the side of the highway. It was one of the best eats of the whole trip and we went through post-till depression! We managed to find the airport, return the rental car, and even had time for mimosas and coffee with a lovely Italian server. We finally got all of our stuff through security (my boots set off the alarm so I got patted down, fun times) in plenty of time for our flight. It still doesn't even seem real that we spent 2 spectacular weeks in Germany and Austria. I would do it all again tomorrow if I had the opportunity. Life is short. Take the trip, eat the food, drink the beer, experience life. Until next time, tschüss!

10 May 2017

Last call in Heidelberg. It was a LONG drive from Füssen with heavy traffic. We pulled in with Clark cursing that the GPS not being able to find our hotel. It did get us there and also navigated us to drive through a pedestrian area, so a Griswald moment for sure. We stayed at The Dubliner, an Irish pub and hotel, and had dinner there upon arrival. The weather was beautiful and so was the Guinness. We did a lot of people watching, got gelato, and walked down to the river to watched the sunset over the castle ruins. I wish we would've had more time there because it was a cool mix of old town and new, with the University right in the heart of town.

9 May 2017

Bring on the next village, Füssen! What a quaint little town with painted buildings, a plethora of eateries and bakeries, and most importantly, views of more castles! When we arrived mid afternoon, we shopped around town and took a small detour to a nearby town, Waltenhofen, for a quick bite to eat. We were given a recommendation to eat at Café Gerlinde, they are well known for their cakes! We were NOT disappointed, let's just say that! Yum! On our first full day in Füssen, we headed straight to the Neuschwanstein Castle! What an incredible place and the views from the top were worth the 20 minute hike UPHILL! Definitely a site to see. Wait for a clear day, you won't regret it.

6 May 2017

Garmisch, although wet and cold, was really a place you could spend an entire trip. Nestled in the Alps, this charming town features a huge array of restaurants, shopping, and sites. We had some great recommendations for Middle Eastern food and Italian, which DID not disappoint! We went to see another palace built by King Ludwig II, Schloss Linderhof. This was the palace that was actually finished and where he spent the most time. Before we left town, we hiked into Partknachklamm (gorge). This was INCREDIBLE and certainly worth getting dripped on by waterfalls!!! Next stop, Füssen...
The Zugspitz, top of Germany! We left Salzburg to head straight there before stopping in Garmisch since it was a clear, warm day. Look at those mountains! The Alps are quite spectacular and the views from the top were jaw dropping. We took the cog train up the mountain and we got to see Lake Eibsee, many snow covered trees, and more spectacular panoramic views. 😊We had lunch with a view along with a cold bier before we headed back down the mountain and onto Garmisch!

5 May 2017

Salzburg, what can I say? Beyond the incredibly entertaining Sound of Music tour, this is a place we could've spent an entire week (or maybe a lifetime!). The people were so hospitable, the scenery was beautiful, and everything was within walking distance. The overlook from the Museum of Modern Art was breathtaking, and the Fortress was visible from most spots in town. If I could be in love with a place, this is my soulmate. Berchtesgaden was also unbelievable. We toured the salt mine, which was SO COOL!! We slid down the wooden chute until our biscuits were burning. Unfortunately, the Eagle's Nest is closed until May 15. But we were able to drive up toward it and see the general view from the mountain. Until next time, Austria. There will definitely be a next time.

4 May 2017

We made it to Salzburg, Austria! The weather was beautiful, sunny and clear. Since it was so nice, we decided we needed to do the original "Sound of Music" tour since we were in the city in which it was filmed! How could we pass that up?!? Our tour guide and bus driver were fantastic, knowledgable, funny, and very entertaining. Come to find out, a friend from NDA was ALSO taking the tour with a friend on the same day we got to spend the day with her! What are the odds?!? They played all the iconic songs while we were driving through the country side into the mountain and Lake District. What a scenic drive! We got to see many locations where they filmed including the Von Trapp house, the gazebo, Mirabell Gardens, St. Michaels church, and St. Peter's cemetery. I would definitely recommend it! We had a great time!

3 May 2017

Herrenchiemsee is quite the site. We took a ferry over to the island where "Mad" King Ludwig II attempted to recreate the palace at Versailles. He ran out of money before it was completed and months later, he died under suspicious circumstances. The palace was a tribute to King Louis XIV, and his absolute monarchy. Stunning place to spend part of my birthday! Even got a birthday eis :-)

2 May 2017

Next stop, München, Germany! Of course we weren't there for Oktoberfest BUT there was a spring festival while we were there, Frühlingsfest! Lots of Bavarian food, delicious bier, and traditional music to top it off. There were also fair festivities so we got to ride the ferris wheel revealing the beautiful Alps for the first time! I think we did a decent job keeping up with the fast pace city life. Beautiful architecture, great farmers market (Viktualienmarkt), and of course, the locals were fantastic. Started celebrating Lauren's BIRTHDAY 🎉 here and then traveled to Chiemsee to see a palace on the lake!

1 May 2017

Augsburg was an unexpected delight! We visited my Oma's friend and her family, and they were incredibly hospitable. We visited the cathedral and lit a candle for Opa, saw the Fuggerei (a retirement community for the less fortunate which was founded by a rich family with strong financial ties to the Catholic Church), and had coffee and cake before departing.

30 April 2017

Gorgeous day in Rothenburg! Visited the medieval torture museum, scaled the church tower and had a few beers. This was the perfect starting place for our trip ❤️

29 April 2017

Catharina visited us in Rothenburg!! We got a couple days of sunshine so we spent most hours outside enjoying the festivities and delicious cuisine. Even had a private dinner in a cellar 🤗 Just arrived in Munich! Stay tuned!
A little taste of our first travels and our first stop, Rothenburg! What a beautiful city and we just arrived in time for May fest! Catharina should be here soon to meet us. Life is good 😊

28 April 2017

About to take off to head to Frankfurt, Germany! Wish us luck! Fitting that we are pigs since the Griswald's ended up on their European vacation from winning the game show, the "Pig In A Poke"! 😂Here come the Griswalds!
About to depart Jacksonville airport to meet the rest of the fam in Atlanta! Made it through security alive and I'm prepared for the long upcoming flight. Stay tuned for more shenanigans!