United States of America · 24 Days · 32 Moments · August 2018

Westcoast, USA

7 September 2018

Other things we did in Vegas: See the Bellagio Fountain Show, walk through the different hotels/casinos (Ventian, Ceasars Palace, The Mirage, Flamingo,where they keep real flamingos btw, Circus Circus, Little Paris...), visit Fremont Street, watch the volcano show at the Mirage, celebrate Oli's Birthday and see the Las Vegas Sign.
Fabulous Las Vegas The rest of our travel month was very easy going, we slept until noon and didn't really leave the house until the sun started to set. But then again we just weren't eager on getting roasted in the sun. The time we were there it was between 37 and 39°C and 12h sun a day. Even in the evening without the sun it was still hot enough. After getting back from the Grand Canyon we went up the Startosphere, a tall buildin in Las Vegas resembling Seattles Space needle. The reason we went on top of the building was not just the great view over the city but especially its attractions on top. So we went on one of the towers where you 'fall down' and sth like a 'carousel' but you're hanging over the city on the 110th floor.

6 September 2018

After spending pretty much all of Wednesday relaxing in our airbnb Thursday we went on another bus tour to the Grand Canyon National Park. Unbelievably huge, and very cool but tbh not my favourite National Park. Then again I think it would've been exciting to hike down into the canyon, but since we were only there for about 3 hours we obviously coudn't do that. So we just walked along the edge on a nice trail from Matter Point to Angel Lodge.

4 September 2018

The last part of our bus tour was Zion National Park. Very big and beautiful! Afterwards we went back to Las Vegas, were we went straight to our airbnb.
Next stop: Bryce Canyon National Park In the morning we went there right away and to be honest we didn't knoe anything about it before we got there but it turned out to be beautiful!

3 September 2018

Later that day we went to thr Glen Canyon Damn and the Lake Powell, where some people of our group went on a little cruise around the lake but Oli and I chose not to. Afterwards we went to our next hotel close to Bryce National Park.
Second stop - Horseshoe Bend Together with the Antelope Canyon one of my favourite places. The colorado river makes a more than 180° turn in that place, which makes it look about the shape of a horseshoe, so that's how it got it's name. It's beautiful and very deep even though it might not seem like it.
On the next day, Monday the tour really started. Our first stop was the Lower Antelope Canyon one of my favourite parts of the whole travel month. The Lower Antelope Canyon is a so called Slot Canyon over thousands of years the water worked its way through the rock and created this amazing place.

2 September 2018

First day of our national parks trip This was basecally just a travel day, we were in the bus from early morning until evening. Started in LA, drove through the Mojave Desert, stoped in Las Vegas for lunch and to pick up other passengers and then finally went to our hotel in St. George, Utah. We just had dinner there and went into the hotel's pool and hot tub.

1 September 2018

Our really last day in LA Since it was our last chance to go to the beach for s while we spent most of the day at the Venice Beach. Straying through the stores and realxing in the sand. In the evening we went the 'Urban Light', an art project which consists of 202 street lanterns dating between 1920 and 1930.

31 August 2018

Back in LA After taking a bus from San Diego to LA we just went to the Runyon Canyon Park, where we 'hiked' up the little mountain to get a good view on the Hollywood sign and the city.

30 August 2018

Our last day in San Diego We went to the beach again and the so called 'Mission Bay' where we did stand up paddeling which was a lot of fun! Afterwards we just relaxed at the beach and played in the sand.

29 August 2018

The next day in San Diego we pretty much spent on the beach swimming, building a sand castle/sand hot tub and riding e-scooters around. In the evening we put on face masks and watched some movies.

28 August 2018

Our beautiful airbnb! (just the bed was uncomfortable, it was only a blow-up matress)
Took an early bus to San Diego and after having 'brunch' we went to La Jolla Cove, that's where all the seals and sea lions come to rest. So you can pretty 'swim with them', you just have to be careful to not get too close since they are pretty big and wild.

27 August 2018

Last day in LA before traveling to San Diego. Just spent the day relaxing at the Santa Monica beach and having fun with the in the water (a lot of strong waves).

26 August 2018

Madame Tussauds Hollywood *when looking at the spiderman picture turn phone upside down*
After lunch we had a reservation for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. Of course their making of movies and series is very similar to thr Universial Studio's but the tours couldn't have been more different. Where the Universial Studio Tour's main goal obviously was to entertain their guests the WB's one was more informative and really gives you a great insight on how they produce and shoot their movies/series. We saw some places where they shot Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls, Big Bang Theory, Gremlins, Friends, ... But our favourite part of the day/week/travel month... was that we went inside a sound studio and got to see the actual set where they still shoot The Big Bang Theory!!!!!!! It was AMAZING!! We saw all the important rooms and requisits and we still can't belive it.
4th Day in LA We started the day off with a guided tour around the Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theatre and other sights in Hollywood.

25 August 2018

3rd Day in LA - Santa Monica With our LA Go Card there were a lot of things around LA included so we tried to use it as much as possible. That day we went on a hop on hop off bus through Beverly Hills to Santa Monica. We spent some time at the pier and then rented two bikes to ride a along the beach for a little bit. Later we took the bus back into the city and had dinner at a (fancy!!!) vegan mexican restaurant called 'Gracias Madre'. After we finished our food we went to the Santa Monica Pier again to enjoy some rides in the Pacific Park.

24 August 2018

2nd Day in LA - Universial Studios It was a really good day, Universial Studios may best be described as a theme park with rides, shows and a studio tour. Right when we got inside thr park we went on the studio tour, where they show you a little bit of where and how the movies are made. There were some 4D simulations during the tour as well (King Kong fight, earthquake in a Subway, Fast and Furious car race), which were really well done. Later we basically worked our way through the park, we went on various rides (Dispiciable Me, The Walking Dead, broom flight through Hogwarts, Dreamworks, Jurassic Park, The Mummy, Transformers...) and also saw a special effects show.

23 August 2018

First Day in Los Angeles All we did was basically eat, and after we left our backpacks at our airbnb, sleep/relax at Venice Beach. We were pretty exhausted from our travels and didn't really get a good night sleep on the bus.

22 August 2018

Day 8 - Yosemite National Park Took a bus from Merced to Yosemite Valley at 7am (which we almost missed because we went into the wrong direction at first...). After a 2½h bus ride we arrived and started our hiking tour after getting some advice from the rangers. We went up a trail to the so called 'Vernal Falls', it was beautiful and luckily not too exhausting. After grabing a quick lunch we went for a short walk where we passed this beautiful river. When we arrived back in Merced we first went to get our big backpacks, then had dinner and went to see a movie. At 1am we took a night bus to LA.

21 August 2018

Just had some fun time at a different beach on the lake, got some lunch and then went on the bus to Merced.

20 August 2018

Day 6 - Took train & bus to South Lake Tahoe We basically used that day to relax a little from all the walking we did before and spend some time on the beach at the lake and also went into our airbnb's hot tub.

19 August 2018

We went up on a hill to the so called Twin Peaks. Which would usually be a pretty amazing overlook for SanFran but when we got there it was so foggy and crazy windy it almost blew us away🍃
Trip to Silicon Valley - Last day in SanFran Pretty sure Olli had a better time than me but also I enjoyed seing the Googleplex very much. Afterwards we found my prob new fav restaurant: VeggieGrill, all vegan and sooo delicious, I mean look at those Nachos! When we were done eating we decided to check out Stanford University.

18 August 2018

Day 4 - bike riding through SanFran Still not sure if it was the best idea😂 It was really great cause we got to see so many things: Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, Baker Beach, the Golden Gate Bridge from the other side (Rode all the way over the bridge and back.) the Palace of Fine Arts and Fisherman's Wharf. But on the other hand SanFran is not the easiest city for riding bikes since it has so many (steep) hills. At least we got a pretty good workout.

17 August 2018

Next day we took a boat to Alcatraz Island also know as "The Rock", because it is 100% rock and no vegetation on it is natural. Originally built as a Fort to protect SanFrans interests during the gold rush it has later been turned into a Penitenary (Not a prison! Only already imprisioned criminals who had missbehaved where taken there as a punishment.) Quite a few infamous criminals had to do some time there, one of them was Al Capone. Later in the afternoon we visited Chinatown and Little Italy and even got to see a little fortune cookie factory.

16 August 2018

First day going into SanFran. Went to Lombard Street, saw a cable car, Crissey Field, the Golden Gate Bridge and had an amazing lunch at VeganPicnic. What we painfully realized was that it gets pretty freezing and windy in the city, who would've imagined in mid-August...

15 August 2018

Airbnb in Oakland