United States of America · 12 Days · 90 Moments · July 2018

West coast family vacation.

28 July 2018

Waiting to take off on our flight home!
On our way to Las Vegas for 2 hr layover.

27 July 2018

A beautiful sunset at the end of the Alcatraz night tour.
Went on the night tour of Alcatraz. It was pretty amazing to walk through.
...And more pictures at Madame Tussaud’s.
This place was cool. They looked so real. Best I have ever seen
And more pictures at Madame Tussaud’s.
Some more pictures at Madame Tussaud’s.
Some of many pictures from the Madame Tussaud’s
We didn’t have the time to ride the trolley car while it’s moving. So we just hopped on one for a picture.
Took a drive to bakers beach to get a good pic of Golden Gate Bridge. Was a little foggy and pretty cold.
Took a drive down Lombard street. Aka Crooked rd.

26 July 2018

Had to stop and take a pic with a very realistic looking Robin Williams.
Went on night bus tour to the Bay bridge. It was very pretty. But, very very cold. Oh. Did I mention it was cold.
Super tall buildings and super steep hills.
Walked up and down some super steep roads.
Stopped at Golden Gate Bridge. The 10 minute bus wait took more like 1 1/2 hours due to accident on the bridge. And it was very cold and windy. You can see how cold Kaitlyn was.
Some pics while riding the bus around town.

25 July 2018

Walked down to the Fisherman’s wharf, ate some “Doughp”. Little too much sweet for most of us. Saw Alcatraz and some more seals. And it is very cold and windy here!
What a nice drive from Santa Cruz to San Francisco. Stopped at a few spots to take some pictures. Love the Litehouse pics.
Stopped at the Natural Bridges beach on our way to San Francisco. Getting cooler now.

24 July 2018

Walking the boardwalk at night.
Seals at the Santa Cruz wharf.
Our view from the restaurant on the wharf.
Spent some time at Santa Cruz beach. Much needed relaxation.

23 July 2018

It just gets more beautiful everywhere we go. What a beautiful state.
Had a fun time hiking through the Giant forest in Sequoia National Park
Wow. The size of these trees were amazing to see. Saw the Sherman tree. Largest tree on earth. Cam tried out his strength climbing the huge rock.
Some pics as we were driving through to Sequoia National Park

22 July 2018

Beautiful sunset at the tail end of our drive to Vasalia
Ty had a great time skipping rocks in the little creek.
Stopped at Shamel Park to catch some rays. But we seemed to catch more flies. So was a short stop.
Never walked along a beach and saw a dead elephant seal ever... until now. So sad.
Boys built a little fort with some of the driftwood on the beach. They did a pretty good job too.
More pics from the beach. The water was very chilly. Craig was the only one to dive into the wave.
Young male elephant seals practicing their fighting skills for mating season.
Elephant seal beach. So cool to watch them in natural habitat.

21 July 2018

After a great day of sightseeing and driving. Relaxing by a fire pit at the hotel.
One of the oddest places we have seen. Bubblegum Alley. It’s an alley that is filled with chewed gum. We added our contribution. 😄
Scenery as we travel up the coast to San Simeon.
View from the beach side restaurant.
Riding the Ferris wheel at Santa Monica pier.
Pics from Cam and Kaitlyn on roller coaster at Santa Monica pier
Random pics from Santa Monica pier. And No Craig is not looking in a trash can. It is a view to the ocean below the pier.

20 July 2018

Went to Little Tokyo and had some good food. Ty tried sushi and liked it!
A wishing tree in Little Tokyo where kids are invited to write down one wish and stick it to the tree. This one was interesting I thought
Saw the Central Perk set and sit on the same couch as the cast.
Got to hold an Oscar. Then see how the props can make you look so far away from each other. Also got to see all the batmobiles. Boys loved that.
Random pictures from Warner brothers tour
Got to go see the set of Ellen. Even though she wasn’t taping, it was so cool to be in the studio.
Harry Potter. We got to sit with the sorting hat.
Oh my gosh. Got to see the park path where Phoebe did her crazy run.
House from Full house
Kids sitting on the same steps that Ross walked down and sat on when he was going to take Rachel to prom!
Seaver house from Growing Pains. Loved that show growing up!!
Another Friends spot. This was so small but it was where Ross played Rugby.
Walking the streets of Hollywood.
Beginning of the Hollywood walk of fame
More walk of Fame pics
More stars
Hollywood wall of fame

19 July 2018

Venice beach. So pretty. Watched some street performers.
Ready for take off!
Waiting for taxi to airport. LA here we come!

18 July 2018

Hoover Dam at night.
And more!
More pics
Sight seeing at the Grand Canyon. What a majestic and beautiful sight to see!!
The scenery on the drive is amazing!
Passing by Lake Mead and Boulder City.
Pretty cool to drive and see mountains!
Made it on the bus. So nice and cool!
Waiting for the Grand Canyon bus tour. 😄

17 July 2018

Walking the strip. Getting a little tired.
Walking the streets of Vegas.
Bellagio water show
At the Luxor.
Vegas here we come!
Bored while waiting to board. No pun intended. Lol
First stop. Filling our bellies before the long flight.