North America, South America · 26 Days · 11 Moments · June 2017

30 June 2017

Ready for home, returning with adventure memories to shape a lifetime! Thanks for a Fantastic trip guys!!!!!!!!!!

29 June 2017

1. Our last look at major Inca architecture 2. Stairs = Despair at this altitude 3. An LA film crew was up to something major on the site. They were sworn to secrecy about the details but said we might well see the film in theaters next year 4. The star of the show, a native Peruvian, appeared to only have still photos taken as she stood in a large Inca alcove, her long purple drape waving in the breeze. Maybe they were shooting the Promo poster? 5. Another adorable lawn care professional

28 June 2017

1. Welcome to the jungle.... 2. Amazing buffet of local home cooked finery including tripe, "the first or second stomach of a cow or other ruminant used as food".......not a vegetarian's first choice, but enjoyed by several. ( many of whom had little idea what they were eating) 3. Some of what the less adventurous eaters enjoyed! 4. A different look at allpaca 5. Another day in the stall 6. Sign outside one of the many market tailor stalls. 7. Sweet early evening light on a vendor's few remaining pieces of fruit 8. Night scene at the main square in Cuzco 9. Crazy cool bohemian decor at a bohemian hipster nightspot on backpacker row in Cuzco

27 June 2017

1. Nothing like starting the day with a 500ft climb at 11,000 ft.! Inhalers were in high demand and I began looking for a defibrillator! 2. Same but more fun 3. A Panorama of our legit job site... these girls can WORK!!!! You would have been very proud of their ambition, flexibility and general kindness at this service sight. 4. Spanish lessons at the worksite 5. People do this kind of work on prison release programs, yo! Legit lady power all over the place! 6. An awesome meal of rice and vegetable/ eggs extravaganza prepared by our Amawaki hosts. 7. Really? Does cute actually come this adorable flavor? 8. Ditto 9. Still pinching myself to confirm that I actually witnessed the most fabulous cross cultural soccer game ever! Peruvian ladies from age 8 to 25? gathered in sandals and traditional attire for a game of futbol on the village field for a truly memorable encounter. Jordan scored first and all hearts were aglow at the completion. 10. A minor delay....

26 June 2017

1. Theme of the week.... 2. Early morning panorama of Aguas Calientes 3. Jordan's morning stylist (Ms JJ from Noe Middle School) 4. Waiting on the train 5. A funny thing happened on the train... we are still unsure what this dancing demon was up to. Seems he may have been warming the crowd for the standard "train aisle fashion show and alpacawear sale" ?? 6. Yes, this is real, and yes, alpacas really do "cut" the grass at this fantasy hotel 7. This lovely weaver was doing triple duty; weaving her goods, helping her daughter with math homework, and patiently posing for an American intruder! I bought one of her beautiful bags... cost-$16 ...labor invested-3 days....humbling, this was her asking price, no haggling 8. abundant beauty!

25 June 2017

Another really early morning, (see a theme developing?) Out the door and on the bus headed to the train to Machu Pichu. Epic Uno games on the train, plenty of playing with dirty local dogs (despite the scolding from wise strangers!) and lots of hiking at Machu Pichu have left us brimming with amazement, criminal amounts of Llama photos, and a bunch of cool new friends :) Make sure you tap on the photos, #6 is a panorama.

24 June 2017

The day started with a last minute suitcase adjustment at the airport for those whose alarm failed to rouse at our brutally early call. Morning flight to Cuzco and a lucky chance encounter with the Inca "king" (most of us were pretty sure it was a woman) whose enormously attended parade we just happened upon! So many Llamas, so little time ...A breathtaking ride from Cuzco to Urubamba in the Sacred valley led us to this really cool ceramics studio where we got to paint Peru inspired tiles. And now, a much welcomed slow night in an enchanted fairytale village hotel. Wow, what a day, and what a great group of kids!!

23 June 2017

A fabulous day with two incredible guides! A full day in Lima exploring the waterfront, Franciscan convent catacombs, a museum of early Peruvian artifacts (and totally R rated early Inca erotic art and sculpture....whoa, this procreation stuff is universal after all!) and now off to dinner on a cool, refreshing evening after a truly excellent adventure. Pics of happy kids coming soon :)

22 June 2017

A solid looking crew indeed, suspiciously low on testosterone, but no shortage of smiles!

4 June 2017

Our back patio meeting was a great foundation for our journey and we met our brave new friend, Jordan ! We promise to treat you well, Jordan, especially now that we know your Mom is a Manual alumna! 18 days and counting :)