United States of America · 10 Days · 17 Moments · June 2017

wes's adventure in Pagosa Springs, CO, United

26 June 2017


25 June 2017

Drove to Papa AND Gigi's to visit with them before returning home.

24 June 2017

Last day in Pagosa Springs. It was a great time. We did lots of interesting things that we haven't done before. Aunt Barb and Uncle Mike had a great lunch for everyone. It is a beautiful place and would love to come back.

22 June 2017

We stopped at the Continental Divide. We took Eva's picture.
Seeing the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The sand dunes were up to 700 feet tall. We sand sledded down some smaller dunes. It ended up being a nice morning except for the mosquitos.

21 June 2017

Parelli Ranch meal, show, and singing by campfire. Watched them work with and show how they train horses and had a good meal. The singing was good with Tim Sullivan.
We had a great time river rafting the Upper San Juan River with Wilderness Journeys Pagosa. Eva really enjoyed getting wet in the 48 degree water. We even paddled through some decent rapids. It was enjoyed by all.

20 June 2017

This afternoon we took a hike up to Treasure Falls. It was worth seeing.
Rocky Mountain Ballooning this morning. It was calm and peaceful. The wind didn't cooperate so we didn't fly too far. It was a fun time by all.

19 June 2017

Mesa Verde is awesome. Cliff dwellings made by the ancient Puebloan or anasazi. We toured the Cliff Palace cliff dwelling. We also drove around a couple loops seeing scenic outlooks and ancient dwellings.

18 June 2017

Our view from the rental house in Pagosa Springs.
Bandelir National Monument climbing ladders to see kivas and houses of ancient puebloans.

17 June 2017

We also saw the Sanctuario Dr Guadelupe, and the Saint Francis of Assisi Chapel.
Shopping in Santa fe. Eva wanted to see the fossils on sale. This one made Julie look like she had wings.
THE OLDEST CHURCH structure in the U.S. the San Miguel Chapel.
Made it to Santa fe. Viewed the plaza an the Loretta Chapel with the spiral staircase.
Leaving for Santa fe