United Kingdom · 43 Days · 6 Moments · June 2017

Wendy's Life Story

23 July 2017

1 July 2017

Had a fabulous weekend! Had Matt all to myself as he is resting before going to the Alps next week. Yesterday we celebrated our friends Len and Julie's Golden Wedding Anniversary. It was very sweet watching them dance the anniversary waltz and I hoped me and Matt grow together the way the have. It was great to see my old choir friends and I had a go on the karaoke for the first time in ages. On the way home we stopped to save a travellers pony that had got loose. Poor thing was terrified but we eventually managed to get it back into a field. The Police and RSPCA couldn't help which was crazy as it could have caused a serious accident but hopefully we prevented it. Sunday was even better as me and Matt went with Lisa, Scott and Harley to the Labyrinth challenge! Oh my it was fun with massive inflatables and challenges. Harley was brilliant and even went on the adult challenge. I was scared but did everything and hurt my neck when I jumped of the biggest thing.

28 June 2017

An upside to working away from home is that I get to see parts of the country I normally wouldn't get chance to. I miss home but this was such a pretty City it was almost worth it.

25 June 2017

Enjoyed spending the day with Harley he needs constant entertainment but is such an energetic, fun, loving little boy. He went on the big slide at the swimming baths on his own and despite already wet once he wanted to do it again when we saw this in the park. His clothes got completely soaked but he loved it!

14 June 2017

In London today and needed some fresh air so went and lay on the grass opposite the palace. Fabulous lunch time view even if it was only for 10 minutes. I found it peaceful looking up at the leaves on the trees and remembering how precious life is. I've been feeling like that a lot lately, grateful, mindful and look for opportunities everyday to appreciate what I have. I think it really helps to deal with all the drama that goes on around me, very rarely my own! So today I'm feeling grateful that I get to see the palace on my lunch break 😊

11 June 2017

So I decided today would be the first day I kept a journal. I've been meaning to do this for a long time and would love to look back when I'm older and remember all the happy times. Today me Lisa,Scott and Harley went on an assault course I was really hung over and thought I was going to be sick a number of times however it was a lot of fun and I got caked in mud. The obstacles were really hard but enjoyed wading through the lake. I couldn't do the high wall however I did mostly everything else. We then had I lovely Sunday lunch x