Indonesia, Australia · 8 Days · 9 Moments · May 2017

Rest, Eat, Swim in Sanur -Bali..7 days..2017

8 June 2017

Back home last night, and our journey/adventure has ended. Time to begin searching next adventure

5 June 2017

Pasar Sindu Market Early morning market for the locals Arrived at 6am to buy our villa staff some yummy snacks. Fried banana, fried sweet potatoe, donuts with brown sugar in middle. 10c Au each and spent $2 Au on big bag. Very happy staff this morning.

4 June 2017

A day out and about in north Bali. Photo of rice-rice is very tall, so wouldn't be normal plain rice. Could be red, black or sticky rice The tree is 450 yrs old at Kayu Putih
Happy Birthday to Me! Chocolate cake and a present from the villa

3 June 2017

Taman Festival Park..Part 2 all the graffiti
Taman Festival Park ( Sanur theme park that never opened) Part 1 Work was just about completed, but went broke in 2000 and left to rot. The grounds are absolutely massive, containing a movie theatre, a fake volcano and all sorts of outlying buildings that have become overgrown with vines and weird creatures. In the heart of the park is the remains of a crocodile pit, and rumour has it when the park was dissolved, the owners left the crocodiles there to become wild. There’s an urban legend that the crocodiles ate humans, another reason why the Balinese won’t go near the place.

2 June 2017

Sanur beach path.. Sorry not many pics as I have stayed here a lot and have the same photos already.
Villa breakfast Choose 1 meal from top and 2 from bottom list

31 May 2017

Staying at Ellora Villas 1 bed villa with own pool