Australia · 3 Days · 5 Moments · April 2017

Wendytravellog; Melbourne

24 April 2017

Day 3 Went to harbor town shopping centre hoping there's nice shops to shop. But kinda disappointed.. nothing much at there too. So we went up to the Melbourne star? Forget the real name. Haha! It's like Singapore flyer! I always love going to attraction that allow me to have the whole view of the city/ country! It's really very nice and i can stay there the whole day just to look at the buildings, scenery and everything! It's just so interesting! Then we had our late lunch early dinner at the groove cafe. Their portion is like super huge! And the people are super friendly! That what I like about Australia!

23 April 2017

Day 3: after the shrine visiting, we went to Brighton bathing boxes. I guess it's one of the must go place when in Melbourne. It's filled with tourists! Really a nice beach, taking a stroll, admiring the sunset, and take photos! I miss the place! But it will be perfect if it is not far away from the station...
Shrine of remembrance, such historical place yet nice to take photo! Haha! The scenery is nice! The shrine building is nice too. Worth a visit!

22 April 2017

Met friend for dinner at flinders st. So we push ahead our initial plan and visit flinders st. But we have not really walk and explore so we will go back again on our initial plan.. Quite a happening city, at least better than our southern cross station where we lived. Haha
Went to the zoo in the morning. A great weather to stay close to nature. Luckily the weather is on our side. Sunny day with cold wind blowing. Took tram 55 from William st.. ticket: AUD32.50