Taiwan · 3 Days · 3 Moments · October 2017

Wendy's tour through Taiwan

8 October 2017

And so, fourth day, went cycling early in the morning under the killing weather! We cycled for about 2 hours or more.. the journey towards the 海之聲 was good, because the wind is going the same direction.. Once reached, yeah it's nice.. but not to the extend to waste my energy and getting tanned! Arghh.. the journey back was a torture as we are going against the wind.. almost died.. haha! Then last stop in hsinchu is the old street.. too crowded and almost all selling the same stuffs.. so yeah.. is damn far too. And the transport is like when u missed one, you have to wait close to an hour for another. We spent most of our time waiting for train.. lol!! Last few days in Taipei... noooo

6 October 2017

And so, early in the morning we went for whale watching. Or rather dolphins watching.. haha! Saw a lot of dolphins! Omg! I seen it in video before, never did I know I get to see it for real.. and I went to the biggest ocean, Pacific Ocean! Really a wow for me! Then we proceed to Yilan.. nothing went right from the beginning when we cannot buy the train timing that we wanted.. reached, rest awhile and out. To tofu jia.. nice scene, not crowded, but nothing much.. At night, went luodong night market. Quite big but mostly selling the same things.. haha! Suck when it rained.. arghh.. Third day: explore Yilan a bit more and off we go to Hsinchu!
Went taroko park. Everything seem the same, but it's like very nice! I love the sight with mountains and lakes with waterfall.. But the bad things is, it's just overcrowded. We spent quite some time waiting for bus.. it would be perfect if we hire own private driver, I think.. At night went to night market. It's very big, and sell mostly food. Oh well~ I want to do some shopping leh... haha! Ate quite a lot, and their watermelon juice is yummy! Next stop: whale watching and Yilan!