North America, Europe · 15 Days · 20 Moments · March 2017

Wendy, Brad and Kiri take on Germany

1 April 2017

Berlin Jewish History Museum
Car returned...1,660 miles, 3 countries
Last morning in Vienna. Kiri got her cake

30 March 2017

Salt mine tour, 600m into the mountain and 130m deep. Very cool tour with wooden slides and a mirror lake boat trip, all deep down in a mine thats been active for hundreds of years
Salzburg morning walk

29 March 2017

The castle to see and a trip into Austria

28 March 2017

BMW museum, BMW Welt, Munich, Hofbrauhaus bier hall, The Design Museum.

27 March 2017

25 March 2017

Heidelberg- visited a castle with the biggest wooded barrel for wine that you can imagine. Drank bier in the square, walked the endless shops, soaked in some sun and then ate pizza at a perfect people watching window. Kiri finally saw a cat in someone's house window, the first one since arriving. Wendy has bought a map but it is bigger than the windshield so in car use is challenging. Late today we drove to Baden-Baden and will stay for the night. It is a very upscale town so we are just outside town at the Holiday Inn Express. Tomorrow is a planned spa day, relaxing at the pools. We were just informed that daylight savings is tonight in Germany, we lose out on another hour of sleep. I asked the front desk for a discount due to the time loss.

24 March 2017

Burg Reichenstein - castle on the river
Friday Frankfurt frankfurter...went there just because we heard they were good. German museum of architecture was also a stop on Kiri's list. Driving in Frankfurt was not fun, certainly that most challenging of the trip and parking was stupid too.

23 March 2017

We left Trier after bfast at the hotel and drove thru the Mosel Valley and took a break at Bernkastel-Kues, a great place to do a short walk. Our cafe was built in 1462, the slight lean of the exterior walls added to the place. Wendy bought a scarf from a German who spoke excellent english and his business took him to Nepal every year to buy goods made there from New Zealand wool. That scarf will be eligible for travel dividends after it arrives home in SoCal. Continued a nice drive thru the mountains and into Bacharach for the night. The hotel is adjacent a druve thru gate that was built in the 1300's. We walked the town, climbed to the castle and took in the Rhine river valley views. Dinner at the best restaurant in town, quite luxurious. Forgot to mention the bier stop. Wheat beir, one light for Brad and a dark obe for Wendy. Kiri takes a sip but confirms that beir is gross. Headed to Baden Baden tomorrow. Wendy dreams of a paper map, she has been navigating via iphone.

22 March 2017

Trier, Germany. Got into the town about 3 pm and hit the ground for a walk to see the old parts. The bridge over the river is still in use and it was built by the Romans. The hotel we are in tonight is great, it has high ceilings in the rooms and. 4ft diameter chandelier. Its right in the middle of the shopping area, so perfect! Wendy gave me the map for the walking around so we ended up on the other side of the town then where I thought we were. But this got us to see the remains of a Roman bathhouse that was absolutely huge back in the day. Dinner tonight was Italian, food was good but wines not so much.
We saw that Luxembourg was only an hour out of our way, so detour! What an amazing city, really something special. Walked around for a few hours and it left me wondering when I'd be back.

20 March 2017

Köln; walking, beer, walking
Cologne, Germany 533 steps to the top, well worth it. Construction started about 800 years ago, its gotta be good. The goldbox is
Rental car picked up in Colonge, Germany. Guy asked if we would be ok with a new car. 2017 Ford Focus wagon with all the bells and whistles and 10km on Odometer!!! New cars are the best.

19 March 2017

Berlin in the cold rain. Lots of walking. We visited the Dali museum, holocaust memorial, Topography of Terror, Potsdamer Platz, Brandenberger Tor, Sony Center, Fassbender & Rausch chocolate shop and more.

17 March 2017

Pre flight lounge drinks