United Kingdom · 234 Days · 3 Moments · October 2017

Project Baby

2 June 2018

28 October 2017

Well thankfully I didn’t need to remove my tubes and instead removed a 1cm fimbrial cyst. I also have a few other issues that don’t help but on the whole a positive result. Will be starting tablets soon for the next 4 months so we’ll see how that goes. Then it could be IVF 😔

11 October 2017

Well today baby I have sat in a hospital ward for 7 hours, hank Marvin! They have just told me that I may need one of my tubes removed 😱 It will be a last resort but we have been trying for you now for 3 years and you are yet to make it into our arms. I hope that one day we can look back and think all the worry, pain and waiting was worth it. Xxx