Taiwan · 225 Days · 16 Moments · May 2017

Cindy’s World

24 December 2017

Our Christmas celebration dinner with some good friends in the south.

22 December 2017

Henri’s Mom just arrived in Taiwan, her first sushi train experience!

2 December 2017

鯨魚噴泉 牡丹灣 在天空上有一小段彩虹 訴說著奇蹟就在你身邊!

30 November 2017


29 November 2017


28 November 2017

Nice found! It’s an abandoned waterfall but still amazing!

23 November 2017

Klonkku and Hepa! Don’t they look alike?! So adorable!
The very first bananas just came out from our first banana tree. We have been growing it for 1.5 years now.

28 October 2017

The celebration on my wedding day! Good friends and good fun!

22 August 2017

My niece and me bake our first pie together.

21 August 2017

Happy Birthday!! 小勻

20 August 2017

Mom and Tin first time baking!

10 July 2017

The umbrella snake is poisonous. It came out of no where crawling very close to us, we had no choice but killing it with a shovel.

13 May 2017

This little boy always has high energy to talk to us!