Thailand · 5 Days · 21 Moments · January 2017

Welcoming the Rooster Year in Bangkok

30 January 2017

The SQ Business Class experience on the return leg was leaps better than the outward leg! The food in the lounge was excellent and included fresh coconut juice, cold cuts, curry puffs, mee siam and Haagen Das ice cream! Plus an assortment of drinks of course! The meal served on board was also fantastic! Dessert was typically Thai Royal with a sweet bean paste made to look like tiny fruits.
Last meal in Bangkok city... only chance for Thai food. The Pad Thai was excellent, as was the Wanton Soup Noodles. MBK food centre is truly cheap and good with great variety.

29 January 2017

Some photos of the picnic area, the stage and insta-worthy Artbox grounds.
What we ate at Artbox: steak bites, Tom Yum pizza, loaded fries, Korean chicken wings, and hipster drinks. The superman bottle was a fail as it tasted blah and we couldn't see the galaxy swirls in ours. Waste of THB 180...
Then it was back to Chatuchak to catch the Artbox pop-up market. First area sold clothes for the youngsters. The decor was very cute.
After a morning's shopping at Big C, it was back to Ping's for lunch. The star this time was their Lo-Hei. For under THB 600, we had a huge platter of salad and a large plate of raw fish. This version actually beats most of the Singapore versions! Accompanying this, I couldn't resist another small serving of fish maw soup, some crab fried rice and a few dim sum dishes.

28 January 2017

Dinner that night was at the old favourite Jasmin. The Peking duck was perfectly executed as usual, this time with sweet and sour as the second dish. Delicious!!!
More wandering around the Siam area, this time looking for ice cream. I found Annette's I-Tim Tuk Tuk in Siam Square one and Bonca in the next building. Annette's mint chocolate chip ice cream was perfect as usual. Bonca was cute but disappointing flavour-wise after that. Stupendously expensive too! I was expecting a macaron texture, but it was more like a hard dense cookie.
After wandering around Chatuchak Market, we crossed the MRT station to explore Or Tor Kor Market for fresh fruits and lunch. It was still too early for Artbox, so we bought 5 kg of mini pineapples for 300 THB and made our way back to the hotel. Lunch was not great, but we were too hungry to hunt for alternatives.

27 January 2017

Happy Lunar New Year!!
Reunion dinner with a twist was at Crying Thaiger on Sukhumvit Soi 51. As my Father couldn't get up the stairs to the restaurant, the food was served to us at WTF, a bar across the road. We started with larb fries and a burrata salad, followed by a 1.3 kg Tomahawk steak. Beef has not tasted as good since. The bar served a very unusual ginger beer with butterfly pea drink. Total damage approximately S$200 only! This may be our best reunion dinner yet!
The flower cake was so good that I couldn't resist buying 4 more to take away. Each pot costs 150 THB. The packaging was so beautiful!
Finally found the cafe I was hunting for: Audrey! This branch has a floral theme and I was adamant on trying one of their flower pot desserts. There were a myriad of combinations and I finally settled on a Milo flavoured cake with a virgin mojito.
Went exploring Emquartier the next morning. The hotel breakfast was terrible, so it was coffee before anything else! I checked out the few cafes open early and decided on Roast. Once I was caffeinated, I went on to explore the Helix quarter which had amazing architecture and a wonderful array of eateries.

26 January 2017

Dinner at Hong Min. Standards have dropped significantly since our last visit. Very cheap though... 500 THB for a Peking duck including stir fried duck with black pepper sauce. Really bad though, as the skin was tough about 5 minutes after serving. Apparently the duck meat was raw until cooked as second dish. The stir fried morning glory quite ok and noodles tasteless.
Time for a quick 1 hour Thai massage before dinner
Sunset view from hotel room
Mission accomplished when I managed to find Pablo's and grab a cream cheese soft serve plus a cheese tart. Bought some cookies to try too.
Wandered around the Siam area after checking in. So many cute desserts!!! Was missing my Teddie lots too, so seeing teddy bears everywhere!
Lunch at Ping's Teochew Restaurant whilst waiting for our rooms to be ready. The fish maw soup at 500 THB was to die for! The prawn cakes were good too! We also ordered a small sharks fin soup, but it wasn't as good as the fish maw. Only 500 THB too though, and chock full of fins, so not bad at all!
Business class brunch on Singapore Airlines: veal sausages and a spinach quiche. The sausages were really good!