Vietnam · 21 Days · 10 Moments · October 2016

Welcome to Vietnam

9 November 2016

Preparing the next one... We wish you all a nice and relaxing weekend! 💕

6 November 2016

It's been a while since our last post and we're sorry if some of you felt worried. We're fine 😊 We arrived in Ho Chi Minh 2 days ago after a 17 hour train journey. Visiting a city when you travel on a low budget is not always easy. You see people well dressed, nice shops, luxury hotels, very good restaurants and bars and you have to stick to your daily budget because you have no choice. We thought that we would not miss the things we can normally afford but DAMN IT! I miss my clothes, the good restaurants, the shopping with my girlfriends and the WINE 😂 Yesterday we went to a shopping mall and people were just looking at us like we were in the wrong place. It's so easy to judge people by the way they dress and look. We knew it would not be easy because we are not on vacation, no fancy hotel, breakfast, swimming pool etc but real life! How to travel in the cheapest/safest way, how to find a cheap place to sleep/eat are our daily struggles. Welcome to the life of two nomades 😂

31 October 2016

Sharing the beauty of Vietnam with the people we love 😊 💕

29 October 2016

Ocean, sand and salty water...this is all you need to be happy 💛🌴☀️

28 October 2016

Tiny little bottle's first time on the beach 🌴☀️💛

26 October 2016

Trekking with Dino and the pigs 🐷💕🌧

25 October 2016

Dino had this great idea of hiring a motorbike today to explore the spectacular scenery around we went for a wonderful trip with no view, no sun and a lot of rain. Thank you Dino, I had a lot of fun driving through the hills of Sapa avoiding trucks, cars, motorbikes and so on 🏍💦🚚🚛🚲🚙

21 October 2016

There it goes again 🇻🇳💕
Good morning everyone ❤️ We wish our family and friends a lovely week. We will post some new pics after our 2 day trek in Sapa. So stay tuned 😘

19 October 2016

We arrived in Hanoi 2 days ago and have been busy readapting to the big city life. Traffic in Hanoi is something else: simply going through this amazing city is an adventure and every time you cross the street, you run for your life avoiding cars, bicycles and countless motorbikes. 🏃🏽🚲🚍🏍🚕💃🏽