China · 15 Days · 29 Moments · May 2018

Deep adventure in west China 2018

31 May 2018

The collision of traditon and fashion in Beijing. Beijing Opera and LED game movie in Wangfujing street
Beijing hotel and Thai food

30 May 2018

Nature views on the way to Qinghai airport
You only can see clear Yellow river in Quide
Ashigong conglomerate geographic national park
The way and tunal to geographic national park
Taer temple where you can see Taoist Yin and Yang symble

28 May 2018

Muslin temple and traditional Qinghai foods
Huangyuan old town

26 May 2018

Self cooked meal

25 May 2018

Dinner with business partners
Having tea with a Taoist master at Thousand budhas mountain

24 May 2018

Wild bird,Taoist temple and the tree planted by Taoist master Zhang San Feng 800 years ago.

23 May 2018

Mountain walk in Huashuiwan

22 May 2018

Yak crowds and dividing range of Yellow river and Yangtzi river

21 May 2018

Dinner at TangKe international hotel
First turning of Yellow river
Flower wet land
Grassland,Yaks and sheeps

20 May 2018

Yellow Drangon National Park
Wetland,horses and mountain on the way to Yellow Dragon National Park.

19 May 2018

Tibetan food and butter tea
Tibetan temple
Double dragon waterfall
Long lake and colorful pond
Mirror lake
Zhengshu lakes(正树群海)and Rhyno lake

18 May 2018

Qiang village on the way to JiuZhaiGou.