South Africa · 16 Days · 14 Moments · April 2018

Weight loss/muscle gain journey

16 April 2018

Tonight’s dinner👍🏼

13 April 2018

Today’s progress pic (2 weeks since I started) and this morning’s breakfast 😋💪🏼

11 April 2018

This is it...seasoned with herbs and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt.💪🏼

10 April 2018

I don’t think I should be doing food photos’ll die of boredom along with me. I’ll show you how bland it looks though and then I’ll show you what bland food does for your body🤩 stop wanting pretty food. The internet/social media sets the bar so high🙄 time to go back to the basics😋 tasteless, boring food=healthy body. Just watch and see🙂😉
If you take em at the right angle, they’ll always look great😂 thankful for slow progress🤨💪🏼 forget “slow progress is better than no progress”. You want slow progress! Slow progress is real progress! I mean it...

5 April 2018

Dinner 347 cals. Too tired to go into specifics, did 3 classes at the gym😭🤕. Good night! 👋🏼

3 April 2018

Dinner: BBQ Chicken & Butternut wrap w/ Peppadew. 284 Cals (yes I add peppadew to everything😑)
This is what I drink all day, makes you wee the whole day🙈 Water w/ lemon slices & mint leaves.
Lunch: Low GI whole wheat brown bread w/ diced cucumber, green pepper & peppadew. Seasoned with herbs: parsley & coriander. 312 cals (2 slices, only took photo of one) 🤤
Apple & Peanut Butter smoothie for a snack,166 Cals. Yes I drink from my measuring cup🙄

2 April 2018

I’ll be addressing this effect pretty soon, with proof. I’m not gonna call it an ‘issue’, people use it to look good, which I have no problem with. I’m just looking to prove that angles in photos make a huge difference and really manipulate true appearance. I DO THIS MYSELF shamelessly, most men do this as well. 😀
Lunch: 1 slice whole wheat brown bread low gi; 1 large egg spiced with herbs (parsley, oregano, rosemary) & a slice of mozzarella (265 cals).
Previous post was yesterday...these photos were taken this morning. Won’t be weighing myself everyday. Every 2 weeks or so until I’m back in shape.💪🏼

1 April 2018

Somehow deleted the original post...not gonna repeat everything. The photos speak for themselves. Point is I picked up weight and now I’m working my butt (belly?) of to get rid of it. Loads of cardio and eating really healthy 🥗