Czech Republic · 1 Days · 3 Moments · February 2017

Weekend trip to Prague!

25 February 2017

Had some traditional Czech food. Actually pretty good. I also tried hot wine and a sausage (not pictured). Yummy!
John Lennon wall! Even cooler in person. I could have looked at it and read the quotes for hours. A few of my favorites "be bold" "the journey is better than the destination" "don't hate what you don't understand" "may the best of your past be the worst of your future" and of course "BE HAPPY"

24 February 2017

Nightlife in Prague was LIT! Me and Paige did a beer tour the first night where we tried 5 types of traditional Czech beer (they invented it you know) and had a really great time. We met these 2 girls from Argentina who are traveling around Europe, they are going to let us know when they are in Florence! We went to a club that night with our tour group. The second night we did a Pub Crawl (but Paige couldn't make it past the 3rd bar and we ended up going home).