Spain · 2 Days · 23 Moments · November 2018

Weekend Trip to Madrid

11 November 2018

My last meal in Madrid @ airport
Prado Museum is worth visiting. I stayed there more almost 7 hours, and even that was not enough. They provide explanation of almost all works on display (in English!) plus with audioguide more detailed explanations were available for selected artworks. What was even better was that their collection was expansive enough for me to discover interaction of individual artwork. I saw similar themes recurring in a different way. Also, I was able to see how Renaissance artists influenced modern ones.

10 November 2018

Walking towards the Palace
The Chueca area is well-known to the gay and lesbian community, said the staff of my hostel. It was nice neighborhood, and I sometimes saw the rainbow flags, too!
In Madrid, there were variety of restaurants from typical Spanish to Asian fusion. They usually have modern decorations and effective serving system. Sushi Store Express was one of them. They have inexpensive but tasty sushi and maki. The miso soup and maki was perfect to warm my body up and ease my hunger.
Gran Via
Ale-Hop: a store with many creative items on sale
There were many street performances taking place throughout Madrid. Thanks to them, I rarely felt bored wandering the city. I encountered many street musicians, dancers and magicians, and truly enjoyed their shows.
Located near Plaza Mayor, this place looked quite well known. I did not know their hot chocolate actually was a dipping sauce for churros. So I only ordered hot chocolate, assuming that I could just drink it. (I even said no to the staff who recommended me to get churros together) In the end, I had to leave most of it..
This time, I intentionally loosely plan the trip. I just let my legs lead the way and it got me to Plaza Mayor.
Madrid welcomed me with this amazing paella. Actually, it was the best paella ever @ CanĂ£s y Tapas.