United Kingdom · 8 Days · 25 Moments · November 2016

Week Commencing 28 November 2016

5 December 2016

Kids Bike Scooter Bike Tent String Sleeping bag Book Map

1 December 2016

Glasswells Bury St Edmonds David Warran David happy with everything, drop him an email tomorrow with some dates I'm free for a meeting around the 15th January to discuss next years changes to stands. All TVs on and well stocked. They have no volume on any at stores choice, seems to work fine for them though
Palmers Bury Manager - Cheryl Store Contact - Rob Took order for 8 Casserole Dish Black 28cm Fry - 4B 4R 24cm Fry - 4R 8 Lap Tray 12 Cupcake Corer 12 Crafty Cutters 12 Crafty Cook 12 Cooking Liner Repaired faulty TV that had a stuck video too.
Marlows Garden & Home Large modern home and garden centre, no other in store TV companies. Nick Ellis is the Buyer, on holiday until next Wednesday. Spoke to Peter on customer service desk.
Glasswells Ipswich Assistant - Trudi Remember a shelf next visit with a lip on. Credited for six faulty Lap Trays. All lines selling well, Trudi has spoke to manager about re positioning Spiraveg stand closer to the restaurant but it can't be moved until after Christmas
QD Hadleigh Manager was on her break, but topped up Lift Off Rollers from warehouse stock but all other lines where well stocked. All TVs on.
Adnams Hadleigh Store Manager - Helen Spoke to Helen, Adnams have a group of shops selling Cookshop items and they're range of drinks. Closest one to us is Stamford, Helen liked the idea of what we did and is going to speak to Group Buyer on my behalf but follow up with an email to Deborah myself
Craft Nurseries, near Manningtrea. Contact - Andrew/Colin
Hearts Delight Garden Centre Main Contact - Sue Owner - Mandy Contact - Andrew Changed Spiraveg to Mandolin Pro, Knife Sharpener All three other TVs are selling well, 4 Casserole Dish in the last week or two have sold. Lots of Lap trays. Aqua Globes are steady but are selling. Sue mentioned she was surprised the Paving Brushes hadn't stopped and she sold six last week.

30 November 2016

YTC Redcar Contact - Natasha Store closing down mid January but I added TV anyway as thought this could be collected with Beales at Redcar when it closes. Frying Pans where in range at the moment but she's going to merchandise them around the TV later today.
Hobbycraft Silverlink near Newcastle Stand very low on stock, only had 6 Cupcake Corers 4 Crafty Cutters 8 Pastry Mat in stock No Cooking Liners at all.
YTC Cramlington Supervisor - Tricia TV was off. Reloaded video on TV as it was very jumpy but all running fine now. Plenty of stock
Collectibles Garden Walk Store Contact - Kerry Ann Picture says it all!
Collectibles Galleria Store Manager - Sarah Group Buyer - Lynn Spoke to Lynn, the Galleria store is actually closing down so that's the main reason behind us loosing the stand. They have condensed two stands onto one and is looking messy but Lyn asked me to leave the products as they are today and revisit when possible and speak to Sarah when she's in to uplift what shouldn't be there, she just didn't want the stand damaging that was in warehouse. Lynn said to give her a call third week of January to arrange a meeting to show her through new products etc.

29 November 2016

Travelodge Newcastle
Garden Wise Gift Buyer - Charmain Big and relatively busy garden centre. Contact in new year and sounded interested.
Barbours Dumfries Ann Popped in as was passing. TV on and stand well stocked
Greenside Garden Centre Store Contact - Ellen Group Manager - Allistair (Based at Brookside) As per Brookside, changed TVs to TV1 - Duster Range TV2 - Lap Tray, Aqua Globes (left one bars worth as didn't have enough shelves)
Garrion Bridges Lynette/Allison Allison off today so need to call by end of week to see if she wants the Spiraveg/Rotate & Grate stand to Mandolin Pro, Knife Sharpener. Lynette placed an order for 18 Rad Brush 24 Easy Bond 36 Power Cleaner 12 Mini Duster 12 Ext Duster 12 Supreme Duster 24 Card Caddy
Brookside Garden Centre Allistair Changed both stands Paving Brush/Weed and Cut changed to Lap Tray Aqua Globes/Bird Feeder changed to Duster Range
Rouken Glen Garden Centre Aslam 01416200566 Didn't have spare time to see me today but told me to ring back in the new year, large garden centre and coffee shop with no creative stands.
Caulders Garden Centres 3 stores. Creative only in one. Not in Mugdock which is the Centre I've visited today that's passed me the details for Head Office Rang and spoke to a guy called Andrew who said it's Mandy I need to speak to for the Indoor Gift Buying for the Garden Centres. His email address is andrew@caulders.co.uk and said he would forward anything onto Mandy.

28 November 2016

EWM Settle Mike Put POS back on all stands as someone had took them off and put them behind the till :s. Tidied stands a little and put stock out where there was space. Below is a stock count 7 Roller 11 Mandolin Pro 12 SC Duster 19 MDuster 6 supreme Duster 3 Lap Tray On stands 23 Lift Off Roller 24 IBC 13 MD 9 SD 7 ED 6 SC Duster 31 Power Cleaner 27 Micro Steamer 7 Mandolin Pro 46 Super Sharp 20cm - 11 24cm - 11 28cm - 9 Casserole - 6 EasyBond - 58 Broom - 34 Globes - 32 Lap Tray - 4
Beales Keighley Gayle Fixed faulty TV, also credited for some old stock I missed on previous visit. Also topped up Casserole Dish as have been selling well.
Barnitts Delivered in some Clearance Lines. Also had half an hour with Mandy checking through cost prices and retail prices and made a few amendments to errors on her system. Also given many 11 x £1.50 rebates on Casserole Dishes she has in stock to offer a lower RRP of £25. Next visit ask about rad brush and Broom stand in Hardware.