United Kingdom · 3 Days · 20 Moments · January 2017

Week Commencing 23rd Jan 17

26 January 2017

YTC Skipton Trevor Stock count 18cm Saucepan - 20 16cm Saucepan 10 24cm Frying Pan - 7 28cm Frying Pan - 2
YTC Ripon James 18cm Saucepan - 22 16cm Saucepan - 13 24cm Frying Pan - 27 28cm Frying Pan - 7 Spoke with James, he has plenty of stock but said he likes to take as much as he can so he's going to place an order with Warehouse for more pans as told him they are the last of our stock to sell them.
YTC Catterick I had problems installing this TV in the first place as the store don't have a ladder high enough to get to the power point under the roofing tiles. The manager previously said he had a plan and was going to use some plastic tubing to sort out power to the TV but hasn't done so a good few weeks later. This is Grahams call so I have let him know. I wasn't able to speak to the manager as he had just gone for lunch hour.
YTC Whitby Rheece Stock count 16cm Saucepan - 11 18cm Saucepan - 12 24cm Cerama - 5 28cm Cerama - 3 Rheece is going to let the manager know that they're is more pans to order in the YTC Warehouse. Plenty of stock here though.
YTC Melton David Stock Count IBC - 10 Mini Mix - 4 Bird Feeder - 4 Crafty Cook - 12 Master Carver - 14 Bake Personal - 3 18cm Saucepan - 4 24cm Fry Pan - 12 28cm Fry Pan 2 16cm Saucepan - 3 Let David know that the YTC Warehouse has more Frying pans if he wanted to order. TV on when I arrived
Barnitts York Mandy Took Mandolin Pro off promotion and replaced it with Micro Carry. Also took a fair sized order from Mandy which is being sent out.

25 January 2017

Hobbycraft Cov TV1 - Cupcake Corer 40, Crafty Cutters 12, Liner 19, Mat 9 TV2 - Lap Tray 17
Earlswood GC Spoke to Connor at reception, the previous buyer Gina has left. New buyer is Clair Have left account form and brochures but will follow up with phone call on Monday to Clair to try and arrange a meeting. Clair@earlswoodglc.co.uk
Cookshop Clearance Birmingham Collected two faulty Mandolins, can't top stands up until next month so set a reminder to call Emma on the 1st to take a replenish order.
Akamba Heritage and Garden Centre Chris is away from the business for the next month. Pop in again when passing
Ashwood Nurseries Buyer - Tony Cartwright Garden Shop Manager - Phillip Had a really good chat with Phillip, he was very impressed by our low RRP, especially the Paving Brush. The Buyer is only part time, and is responsible for the Garden Shop and also the Gift Shop. He works Monday to Wednesday. Have set a reminder to ring him on Monday

24 January 2017

TMB Swaffham Tina TV1 - Supersharp 26, Spiraveg 25, Casserole 9 TV on and well stocked
Roys Dereham Phillip/Gavin TV1 - Micro Carry 55, Easy Chop 45
Roys Bowthorpe Rita TV1 - Micro Carry 56, Easy Chop 40 Rita has a faulty Easy Chop for credit when I next visit, couldn't do today as it's stock take time. Other than that, TV on and running no problems.
Highways Garden Centre Garden Dept Manager TV1 - Aqua Globes 13 TV2 - Domino Train 40, Accs Pack 25 TV3 - Paving Brush Set 16 Spoke to Jonathan, moved stand to a position that has power running to it. Next time I am visiting drop in 10 new boxes for Paving Brush as they have seven damaged boxes at the moment
Hobbycraft Norwich Rowan Stand is still on the shop floor. Rowan, as I asked last time has already reported to buyers and area managers that he's not getting enough stock to fill the stand so has put it out the back. Revisit two weeks and he's hoping it should be back on shop floor. All products that should be on the stand are in the relevant departments in store as I checked today.
QD Angelia Sqare Jo TV1 - Easy Fit 10 - TV Off when I arrived TV2 - Easy Bond 29, LOR 23, Rubber Broom 29 TV3 Supersharp 29, Spiraveg 24, Casserole 11 TV4 - Bird Feeder 17, Aqua Globes 30
Roys Magdalen St Norwich Manager - Paul TV 1 - Micro Carry 57, Easy Chop 34 TV was on and well stocked when I arrived, Both lines are selling well from when I changed promotion a week or two ago.
Roys North Walsham Manager - Toika Store assistant - Louise TV 1 - Micro Carry 36, Easy Chop 36
QD North Walsham Manager - Jean TV1 - Supersharp 15, Spiraveg 13, Casserole Dish 11 TV on when I arrived and TV well stocked