United Kingdom · 3 Days · 15 Moments · January 2017

Week Commencing 16 Jan 17

19 January 2017

Glasswells Ipswich Lauren Changed Spiraveg & Easy Chop to Magna Bright, Ice Towel. Credited for 4 Easy Chop from previous promotion. TV1 - Cook Pod 27 TV2 - Magna Bright 48, Ice Towel 48 TV3 - Lap Tray 10

18 January 2017

Pearsons Enfield 14 Supersharp 9 Mandolin Pro I notice they have found some more Dip & Go and also Munch Box which I shall collect on my next visit. All TVs on when I arrived. Plenty of stock of Cook Pod Cheese Slicer, extra Supersharp, Kitchen Tongs, Clear Away, Multi Cooker, Crafty Cook!
Sanders Ruislip Sue New promotion running, I cut the quantity on delivery note as Sue doesn't have space for over stock. Delivered 24 Spiraveg and 48 Micro Carry.
Hobbycraft Staples Corner London Andrew 9 Cupcake Corer 16 Cooking Liner 7 Crafty Cutters 7 Pastry May
Ducks Hill Paul/Sue Added 24 Magna Bright to the Aqua Globe TV. Tidied all other Stands but Sue said she would see us at spring fair to discuss changes going forward

17 January 2017

Morley's Brixton Amanda Knife Sharpener and Mandolin Pro had totally ran out of stock, Amanda said she had placed an order for these today. On next visit take a spare TV to replace a intermittent faulty one on Frying Pan stand.
Morley's Tooting Shaun TV1 - Supersharp 30, Mandolin Pro 10 TV2 - Cerama 20cm 15, 24cm 10, 28cm 17
Bourne Valley GC Joe Normal contact Richard wasn't available to speak to Joe the asst manager who liked the Magna Light. Delivered in 143 standfill and credited for 17 Aqua Globes. Liz to send POS FAO Sally/Joe
Webbs Battle Ryan Spoke to Ryan who usually works in Tenterden branch but was covering here as short staffed and said he wasn't in a position to make an order Low on stock here though. 2 Pav Brush Set 5 Rubber Broom 1 Sup Duster 3 Ext Duster 4 Mini Duster 1 Rad Brush 1 Snart Clean Duster
Webbs Cookshop Tenterden Lynn Dealt with us previously and are linked to the Ironmongers. Showed Lynn through a few products in the brochure, she liked Rotate & Grate and a Easy Chop especially, is going to come and see us at the show but is happy to get a stand in the shop on a trial
Webbs Tenterden Major TV1 - 14 Paving Brush 14.99 , 18 Rubber Broom 9.95
Tenterden Garden Centre Beryl Two Stands and TVs uplifted, there was a 3rd but they are unable to locate it, I've told the warehouse guy to let Beryl know if he comes across it and told Beryl I will continue to call in here in the future. Credited for 9 MD 12 SD 12 ED 1 PB 1 PBH 1 GS

16 January 2017

Canterbury Garden Centre Carl Uplifted 2 TVs/Stands Credited for 17 PB 21 PBH 3 Easy Bond
Hobbycraft Harlow Manager - Rick TV1 - Cupcake Corer 10, Pastry May 4, Cooking Liner 25, Cupcake Corer 0
Hobbycraft Stevenage Amy TV on and in good position when I arrived, Amy mentioned she had returned 4 Crafty Cutters back to D.C. As the packaging was very bad condition. TV 1 - Cupcake Corer 26, Crafty Cutters 21, Cooking Liner 9, Pastry Mat 7