United Kingdom · 7 Days · 9 Moments · February 2017

Week Commencing 10th Feb

17 February 2017

Lathcoats Farm Shop Claire Didn't feel it was for them but high footfall and I feel it would work well so follow up
Fill pots Garden Centre Mary/Richard Email sent
Hearts Delight GC Mandy/Sue Spoke to Mandy and she is going to let the accounts department know that they are late on payment
The Place For Plants Matt Email sent
Glasswells Ipswich Luke Delivered 24 Ice Towel and credited for 24 Magna Bright which where sent in error by office. Also collected a faulty Easy Chop.

14 February 2017

QD Cherry Lane Tickhill All TVs on when I arrived, tidied the stands up and there was no stock to put out.
Twin Locks GC Martin Popped into one of Grahams, Martin mentioned the TV kept skipping so I reloaded the memory card and said if the problem continued to call the office and we would send out a replacement. Graham only delivered the Dusters (12 of each) on Friday and so far none have sold, Martin said it was a very quiet weekend though
Victoria is the owner, her PAs email is Tracey.brown@keelhamfarmshop.co.uk Left them with a Brochure and a Rapid Chop sample. Have set a reminder to follow up in a weeks time

10 February 2017

Glasswells Bury Denise TV1 - Cook Pod 17 TV2 - Ice Towel 29 Magna Bright 39