Thailand · 2 Days · 7 Moments · July 2018

Wedding in Bangkok (20-22 July 2018)

22 July 2018

It was a relaxing 2 nights getaway; spent way too much time just slacking in the room/ lounge; overate continuously. Only did some shopping yesterday after the wedding but was already late by the time I started.

21 July 2018

Surprised to find a good French restaurant in Bangkok called Brasserie Cordonniar (it was ranked well in TripAdvisor). However, it was hard to get to by foot; rapidly cut through their “Arab Street” that was lined with many beggars outside rows of retailers selling the signature Arab sandals or dodgy looking parlors providing “massages”. Not surprising, the customers were all foreigners and the wait staff spoke decent English. The standard of their food put a few of those popular French restaurants in SG to shame - good quality at a relatively cheaper price.
Impressed by the improvements in connectivity around the shopping areas. Big C, Central, Platinum mall etc are all connected via the skybridge to the BTS. No more running across the road or walking next to smelly drains. Our hotel is at Phloen Chit and it was easy to cut through the malls to the sky bridge and eventually to Platinum.
First time attending a Thai wedding and it feels a little like a Malay wedding with the photo taking by batches (both pre and both the ceremony). The lunch itself was buffet-style Thai cuisine serving starters like Thai salad to Mango sticky rice as desserts. It’s quite a simple affair that focus on speeches from relatives and friends from both side of the couple. The couple will come down from the stage to face whoever is giving the speech - a nice touch. In contrast the Chinese banquets are so elaborate (almost like a staged performance) and yet distant as most of the guest are left to themselves without much engagement with the couple. It was interesting that after the standard cake cutting ceremony, the couple will serve the cakes to their elders while kneeling - and do did the wait staff!
What is continental breakfast without the all time favorite egg station!

20 July 2018

The couple arranged for 2 buses to take us to the dinner venue. The traffic was horrible and it took more than 1hr to get to the restaurant that to me feels like an upmarket version of those Malaysia seafood restaurants. The setting was quite nice with the restaurant surrounded by the water. Food was normal or maybe just disproportionate to the traveling time. Suk’s younger brothers and elder cousins sat at our table which was strange at the beginning but her brothers were hospitable. They are working/ studying in LA - her family should be well to do to send so many of them to US.
Our Hotel @ Athenee - looking forward to helping myself to all the canapés and coffee in the SPG lounge.