South Africa, Australia · 14 Days · 15 Moments · January 2018

Oupi and Gee visits Australia (mate)

1 February 2018

We had a fabulous walk - late evening. Enjoying the colours and day to day fixtures of North Adelaide - a stunning suburb from the late 18 hundreds ❀️

26 January 2018

Day 8 : Surprise tickets to the ADELAIDE Oval to see Australia winning the 4th ODI vs England. What a beautiful stadium and a great treat πŸ™

25 January 2018

Day 7 : Tiana 's birthday - Peanut still loves indoors - maybe waiting for the heat wave to pass. My niece that I have not seen many years came to visit - thanks so much Yolanda, Graham and Jarred. πŸ‘Œ

24 January 2018

Day 6 : Late afternoon walk after dinner around the beautiful area where T and J lives ❀️
Day 6 : We slept a solid 10 hours with the aircon working again. πŸ™ˆ. Pure bliss - so we were off to town to shop a little bit. The Tesla and iced Nespresso Koffie was my favorite ❀️

23 January 2018

Day 5 Eve : We had a fabulous barbie last night - braaiing some veggies πŸ‘Œ
Day 5 : Shopping at the ADELAIDE Central Market. Eye watering prices. Biltong R850 🀣. And the Orzies don't hold back when they eat wild animals 🀣. What a stunning place to visit ❀️
Day 4 : Battling a bit with the heat and the jetlag for some reason? The city is beautiful. The " Down under bicycle race" is on the go - that's what that green bike is for. I love the personalised plates and the Kangaroo " bull bars" - much larger on most cars / bakkies than in SA 🀣. It's so strange to see a Bakkie being sold without a Bakkie. 🀣. That's all for now.

22 January 2018

Day 4 Evening. I actually don't know what's the date and if it's Friday or Monday. Who cares. 🀣. Well if you don't know - we are here for the birth of our first grand child. Tiana is looking very well and Peanut is making sure we all know she is also here. πŸ‘ΆπŸ». Johan can't wait and neither can we. Maybe Tiana is " aiming" for her birthday on Thursday the 25th? Or maybe Australia Day on Friday? πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί. Cheers all ❀️

21 January 2018

Day 3 : Henley Beach - A lovely Adelaide beach. Food 's good, bears is cold. Our company is great - what more can we ask for when trying to escape the heat πŸ™. I absolutely love the rumble of V8's in and all over town 🚘. The shops are good but there is no way for escaping the price times 10 for a South African as that is what I earn back home. Scary to see beef at R380 per kg but lam at R100 per kilo - my favorite - skaap chops. πŸ˜‡βœ…

20 January 2018

πŸ‘¬πŸ‘¬ Day 2 : At home with J & T ❀️ Well time to settle in and enjoy the time with Johan and Tiana and little Peanut a week or so away. Time to show them all the presents they received from you. Oh yeah and we had a good few local Gins 🍸 Good night and thank you J & T and Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
Day 2 : Dubai - Adelaide ✈️ We were upgraded to a newer Emirates B777 ✈️ with a nice big screen TV ( all that matters to me). 12 hours flight is not for sussies but my sleeping tabs makes things easier. πŸ₯‚ At Adelaide the renowned Australian border police ( I love the TV series) did their thing at the immigration and customs. We declared a wooden art piece and my chronic medicine. ‼️ The first thing when we had to open the bag " mate where is your biltong? " 🀣. He then saw Sharon's art work. " Why dont you tell me it's Meerkats" 🀣. Wonderful and very helpful. βœ… πŸŽ‚πŸ‘‰ Of course we got the balloon treatment on arrival from our son in law Johan and daughter Tiana. Whoop whoop and then 38 degrees at night outside hit us... It feels like our Hoedspruit days 35 years ago πŸ’¨ The first sight of Adelaide at night was nice and clean and I love their Land Cruisers and V8 Holdens etc ❀️ 🏠. The La Grange Castle is a beautiful vintage cottage dating from 1880 ❀️. More about that lat

19 January 2018

Day 1 : 19 Jan 2018. We decided to fly to Joburg even though we still did not have Aussie visas yet. My Bro Arrie made a miracle jive at the Embassey and at 0915 while waiting at the airport - it came through. That pressure is not a good pressure to have - so yes folks the Orzies don't want a flying ticket before you apply for a visa. Yes I know - rules are rules (mate). So George - JHB - Dubai here we go. Dubai is as boring as ever - aircraft taxies for 30.minites. Then a hot,steaming 30 minute bus drive. It was 19 degrees outside so I presume gatiepie got cold and select heater. Sharon topped up on the Bulgari and I drooled at the Nikon counter. At 0200 we took the Adelaide flight.